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What are Luxury Properties?

Different criteria define a property as a luxury one, but there are many factors that are universal: location, personality, historical or architectural significance of the building, the volume, the overall feeling of exclusivity. If the property offers views – to the city, the mountains or the sea, and amenities - such as proximity to parks, good schools, excellent infrastructure, all this increases the price of a property. To the list of requirements for luxury buyers we can include small billiard parlor, pool bar, cellar, home theater room, gym and swimming pool, additional bedrooms. Generally, those are homes with personality or uniqueness.

What are Executive Properties?

This portfolio meets the needs of a new group of customers with specific requirements.
Executive Properties are located in popular areas or in prestigious gated communities, with reasonable prices and amenities. These are homes for people of middle and senior management positions, owners of modern small and medium-sized companies that have business and practical look at their lifestyle and are looking for a property that suits them.
Without dividing the properties we refine selection and respond to their expectations.

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Enjoy your vacation at an apartment for rent in Bulgaria

There is a variety of apartments for rent in Bulgaria. Choose a stylish modern apartment or fully equipped apartment with kitchen, fridge and a washer/dryer system. Spend your time in the wonderful country of Bulgaria.

Bulgaria is a popular tourist destination with a variety of different types of apartments for rent. It is not difficult to find the most appropriate apartment in Bulgaria for you and for your family.

Most of the apartments for rent in Bulgaria are well equipped with swimming pools, tennis courts, restaurants, bars, shops, parking and many useful extras. For families with children there is unique environment where parents and kids can enjoy their time together. The perfect solution for your family vacation is an apartment in Bulgaria. Adults and kids can benefit of their own personal space during a vacation.

Luxury furnished apartments in Bulgaria are offered by rental agencies which have online catalog in their websites where you can choose from a comfortable studio to one-bedroom apartment with a living room and a separate bedroom or two-bedroom apartment with a living room and two separate bedrooms. It is your choice.

Clients usually ask themselves if there is any discount of the price when renting an apartment in Bulgaria. The answer is: “Sure, there is”. Always ask about discount of the price of the apartment. If you rent an apartment in Bulgaria at the seaside, be prepared to look for discount in the period September-November. If you want to stay in a winter resort, try to find an apartment in Bulgaria during the spring months or in the summer. You enjoy the green hills and stone peaks.

Usually you should pay in advance at least 20% of the cost of the rent. When you arrive at the place you should check in and after that you should pay the final sum. The prices are not high at all! It will cost you from 200 euro to 250 euro per 2-week stay at an apartment for rent in Bulgaria. It is cheap!

Just pack your luggage and come to Bulgaria. Bulgaria is a wonderful place with warm sea, beautiful mountains and forests, where the fresh air allows you to gain strength and to rest from hard work. Tourists come here from all over the world. You will enjoy it for sure!

Everything you need is included in the price of the apartments for rent in Sofia.

It is easy to rent an apartment in Sofia. Just search in Google among a very large range of fully equipped apartments for rent in the capital Sofia.

Bulgarian rental agencies have websites which provide excellent service for apartments for rent in Sofia. In the website of the agency you may also check if it will be possible to rent the apartment in the time of the year you want to be in Sofia.

The agencies which offer apartments for rent in Sofia can find the best place for your stay depending on your desired period, type of the apartment and many other criteria.

But you come to Sofia with your family and you do not to be separate from your children. You want to spend all the time together. In this case the best choice is to look for an apartment for rent. We bet you are a person who wants to have more room spread out than a hotel room offers. The apartments which are offered for rental are more comfortable for a family. You have the option to prepare a simple meal in the kitchen and have some snacks in the fridge. In the hotel you have just a mini-bar full of expensive drinks and food you do not eat. Rent an apartment for your stay in Sofia and you can eat and drink whatever you prefer.

Apartments for rent in Sofia can meet all your requirements. Find your apartment for rent in Sofia searching it by price, period of the year, length of stay or district in the city.

Make your stay in Sofia amazing experience by choosing an apartment for rent.

If you are with your family in Sofia or you are with your loved one, the best option for a family or a couple on a longer stay is an apartment in Sofia. You will save your money spending it on expensive hotels. The apartments have separate bedrooms where some of you can relax and others can watch TV. Many of the apartments for rent in Sofia provide free WiFi. The best is that you will be separate while being at the same living space.

Some of you may want to stay at a large apartment with certain facilities – washing-machines, dryers, air conditioning, big refrigerators, microwaves, ovens, several toilets and bathrooms with bathtubs and shower cabins. There will be fewer options to find an apartment in Sofia if you have an exact limit of money to spend on an apartment.

Whatever you need for your daily tasks in the apartment for rent in Bulgaria is included in the price. Pack your luggage and come to Sofia. Apartment in Sofia is the best choice for your perfect vacation.

The truly effective solution for your vacation is to find a house for rent in Bulgaria.

The market for apartments and houses for rent in Bulgaria is very huge. Your family, your friends and your own deserve relaxing holiday.  Houses in Bulgaria are excellent choice for your stay in one of the most popular destinations in whole Europe. Bulgaria is the place you should enjoy during your free time. Renting a house in Bulgaria is the best choice because it is cheaper, more comfortable and more spacious than spending your time at a tiny hotel room.

Most of the tourists prefer the atmosphere of the home. They look for a house for rent in Bulgaria with a huge garden and a swimming pool.

For your family vacation you can find a house in Bulgaria. Family houses are situated away from the noise and the traffic of the city. Houses in Bulgaria combine natural environment with family spirit. Most of the houses have gardens and maintained swimming pools. But you will not be far away from the comfort.  Lots of houses for rent are stylish decorated and fully equipped with all the facilities you need – living room equipped with sofa and massive LCD TV with all the channel you usually watch at home.

Houses for rent in Bulgaria are situated in peaceful places. There you can feel the nature. You will not be disturbed by anybody during your holiday if book a house in Bulgaria.

Houses in Bulgaria are a great opportunity to relax with your family - go skiing, go swimming. To do this, rental agencies have a great base to rent in Bulgaria in every season.

Every house for rent offers a level of service and price. Every tourist can find a place to stay during his/her vacation at a good price. The best choice for cheap and comfortable vacation is to look for an apartment or house for rent in Bulgaria.

Bulgaria is a wonderful place with warm sea, beautiful mountains and forests. Tourists come here from all over the world. You should come to Bulgaria too. Find a house for rent in Bulgaria and you will not regret. It is the most popular and truly effective solution.