Ina Marinova


Recommendation by Stefan Bayasliev:

"I had the pleasure of using the services of Unique Estates to assist me in the sale of the property. I would like to express my huge gratitude to their amazing team and, in particular, to my personal consultant, Mrs. Inna Marinova. time and with incredible professionalism approached the sale of the property, being with us from the initial stage to the very end - successful confession of the deal. The dedication to its work is evident in the beginning when presenting to all potential buyers, as well as backwards. I wish her and the company countless successful deals and many professional successes! Thank you, Mrs. Marinova, you are a great, positive and smiling person and it was a pleasure for me partner with me at this important stage for me. Thank you! "

Recommendation by Ivaylo Gatev:

"Ina Marinova was the broker responsible for the property offered by Unique Estates, to which I was interested. Ina approaches her work very responsibly, even during the New Year holidays. She brilliantly fulfilled her role as an intermediary, quickly finding a compromise between seller and buyer positions. Communication with her was seamless; she answered all my queries quickly and clearly. Particularly impressed was the good coordination with her colleagues at Unique Estates. I recommend Ina Marinova as a real estate consultant with a view to her good brokerage skills and fair dealing with clients."

Recommendation by Lyuba Marichkova:

I am extremely pleased with the service of Consultant Ina Marinova. She is a true professional and we did the work with great ease and good mood. I am glad that the deals were successful, expeditious and with satisfaction for both sides. I would be happy to recommend to my relatives and friends. It will be especially pleasant and calm for me to work with the same consultant again and to take advantage of the Unique Estates' service!

Recommendation by Petko Georgiev:

With this reference, I express my exceptional satisfaction with the professionalism and correctness shown in our joint work with Unique Estates, in particular real estate consultant Ina Marinova.
During the mediation for the sale of a property I was offered excellent conditions, all my requirements were met and an original and effective marketing campaign was prepared.
Correctness, competence and finding individual solutions and attention to detail make Unique Estates a desirable partner in the future.

Education and Qualification

Education and qualifications

  • Master in Environmental Expertise and Control, NBU, Sofia
  • Bachelor of Ecology, NBU, Sofia

Work experience and skills

  • She has experience in interior design and is impressed with Unique Estates' portfolio.


  • In her spare time, Ina enjoys hiking, sports, traveling and drawing.