Property Management

We maintain and service your short- and medium-term rental properties. Some of the advantages of our service are related to the assistance we provide both before and after the check-in of the occupants, as well as the maintenance we provide. We will prepare a detailed analysis and a plan based on the market situation, outlining the characteristics of the property and any potential opportunities for optimisations to the budget and improvements to the actual property. In addition to check-in and maintenance services for residential properties, we can also assist in building management. We stay in continuous contact with and ensure the coordination between all parties responsible for the processes related to technical facilities, landscaping and lighting, video surveillance, cleaning, daily repairs and tenant-landlord relationships.

When choosing your new residential property, you can utilise the following services for tenants:

  • A property maintenance technical consultant
  • One-time or periodic property cleaning
  • Professional relocation /li>
  • Organisation and coordination of repair activities /li>
  • Communication between owner and tenant
  • A monthly report on the property expenses
  • Payment of consumables
  • Care for flowers and plants

If you are a landlord, check out our excellent services geared towards your needs:

  • Thorough cleaning of the property
  • An appliances and equipment check
  • Organisation and coordination of repair activities
  • Care for plants and green areas
  • Property insurance
  • A monthly check on the condition of the property
  • A monthly report on the property expenses
  • Payment of consumables /li>
  • Acceptance and delivery of the property upon check-in and check-out
  • Renting of the property

The team continues to develop and improve its services in order to offer valuable assistance to our clients. To us their satisfaction is of paramount importance and we are working to enhance property values in every possible way.

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