Luxury and Corporate Rentals Department

The Luxury and Corporate Rentals Department is responsible for the realisation of individual, corporate and luxury (short- and long-term) rentals.

Our team is made up of people with international contacts, knowledge in various fields and excellent written and verbal skills in international languages. The consultants in the department offer ongoing market expertise and have the knowledge and experience to implement the most appropriate strategy for your requirements.

Unique Estates offers corporate service contracts, which enables companies choosing to work with us to receive consistent support for their property letting and renting needs. In line with these contracts, they benefit from special terms and conditions under which the deals are concluded. All of this happens after just a single contact with us, in which the search criteria are specified. We then carefully select the most suitable properties from our extensive portfolio, in order to present ones that are tailored to the client's corporate requirements. The advantages also involve the duration of the service provided, which is related to further assistance even after checking into the property — its maintenance and operation. This is particularly important for cases where landlords do not live in the country and rely on our assistance not only for the renting of the property, but also for its maintenance.

For Tenants

The department's activities include accommodation of embassies, relocation of staff and senior management for international companies who need to work with real estate professionals.

The company's portfolio of properties meets the needs of people who hold middle and senior management positions (Executive Properties), as well as those of owners of modern small- and medium-sized businesses. We assist in the process and find the property you need for the time you are working in Bulgaria or if you just want to change your lifestyle.

Nowadays, staff comfort is among the management's top priorities in the corporate world. Accommodating employees in a suitable property and at a suitable location is crucial for keeping them happy and motivated to work effectively. Our portfolio provides a wide selection of high-end properties that perfectly satisfy the search criteria of our clients.

The search for high-end residential properties is linked to requirements for quality and luxury present in the rented areas. Our clients tend to be well-informed people who have experience travelling and working in different parts of the world. Their requirements include having all amenities that a modern home should have. They are looking for residential properties in top locations in the city, in new modern buildings or in old aristocratic properties, that are immaculately maintained. These are properties offering modern interior solutions and new designer furniture and equipment. The company has a rich portfolio of luxury properties and can satisfy the requirements of even the most demanding clients.

For Landlords

We work with owners of luxury houses and mansions, as well as with clients who rent out smaller modern properties they have purchased for investment purposes. In our work with landlords, we pay particular attention to the search criteria and guide them to adapt their properties where necessary to enable faster transactions. When we work with property owners from the moment they purchase a property for investment purposes, we have the opportunity to advise them on all the steps to successfully realise their property afterwards.

In the department we are also actively developing the service ‘Medium and long-term rentals’, which has a great potential in our market. With regard to medium-term rentals, the company undertakes to offer the landlord a new tenant after the expiry of the current rental period, thus avoiding the lack of benefits for the client in this type of transaction.

Our consultants are people with international experience who never stop upgrading their skills and traits with additional training related to the needs of the department. These are professionals who, over time, have become competent in various aspects of the market and are familiar with its specifics in great depth. They are well trained and will find your home.

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