Market Analyses and Research

Unique Estates’ team researches and drafts detailed market analyses, with the help of which you will reach decisions taking into account market conditions and your individual requirements. The Company is part of Realto Group – a holding company combining agency and consultancy companies with over 25 years of experience in the field. This gives us access to full information and analysis of all branches of real estate, investors, corporate clients, and finances.

We will assist you in structuring your business plan and funds while safeguarding your security and interests. We will determine a reasonable budget so you can successfully plan your next goals.

Our experts have an overall view of the demographic, economic and commercial factors which influence the real estates market. They have detailed knowledge and will provide timely and objective information, taking into account what you need or offer. International partnerships with Unique Estates are another form of exchange of experience and practices from the world market. Thus, you receive available information from sources of the highest standards.