Our mission: Discover the home where (in which) you will be the person you are born to be

It’s never just another house or apartment. Our mission is to discover the space which will harbour your way of living and mindset.

We will discover the home in which you will find satisfaction, comfort and inspiration. We will discover the special place which will make you happy. It must be the best lodge for your thoughts and feelings, and a sanctuary for memorable experiences with your dearest ones.

Unique Estates’ professionally trained experts understand your requirements and endeavours, and will do their best to ensure that your dreams come true.

They will discover your new home.


For 14 years already the consultants of Unique Estates have been gaining and maintaining the trust of our clients with a rigorous commitment to the highest standards of service, expertise and integrity.

Our values underlie the principles on the basis of which the Unique Estates team collaborates with our clients and partners.

1. Integrity
We deliver on our promises. Expect us to regularly provide you with accurate information as a basis for building a fair and transparent relationship.
2. Ability to adapt
We are a resilient team and know full well that tomorrow comes with changes. Our professionalism and expertise enable us adapt to changes in the market environment and/or your circumstances because we are flexible and fully supportive of self-improvement. 
3. Respect 
We truly appreciate your opinion of and attitude to our services. We honour your time and will do our best to meet your expectations.
4. Trust
Our approach to customers is based on openness and loyalty. Buying or selling a property is an important process and we believe that you deserve the support of a trusted partner which adds value by bringing peace of mind and integrity through the process.
5. Teamwork
We work as a team and share time, resources, knowledge and experience to ensure that our clients benefit from the highest standard of service. We work together towards a reliable investment for your future.


Unique Estates stands out for its portfolio of best-in-class properties and a professionally trained team. We embrace digitization, new technology and innovation in order to quickly and efficiently help our clients buy or let/sell their property at optimal conditions. As a well-established and continually improving company, we offer personalized attitude and services which conform to the highest standards. The drivers of our success are strong commitment, ability to adapt to various situations and exceptional motivation of each team member. This makes us competitive in the global market and a leader in the Bulgarian luxury estate segment.

Our team

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