Ilonka Stoyanova
Partner / Team Manager / Member of Management Board


  • Manager of 2019
  • "Deal of the year for sale" 2019 - III place
  • Manager of 2018
  • Team of 2018 and 2019 - III place
  • Significant contribution to the development of the company
  • Largest contribution for the company for 2013
  • Customer Champion
  • Партньор на II-ро тримесечие на 2012г.
  • Партньор на II-ро тримесечие на 2013 г.
  • Партньор на III-то тримесечие на 2013 г.
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Recommendation by Mariana Delova

Hristo Iliev

Dear Ilonka,

with this letter, I would like to express my immense gratitude and sincere admiration for you personally and the incredible professionalism she has shown during our relationships.

It is an extremely rare thing to find a person so dedicated to his work and at the same time unfaithful to his clients.

Thanks to your tranquility and patience, I managed to make a deal I did not even suppose it could happen.

I use the case to give you the special thanks to my family and to wish you many professional successes, personal happiness and, above all, health to you and your loved ones.

Once again, I thank and hope to work together in the future.


Recommendation by Maria Stoeva

For years I have been associating the name of Yunik Estates with my personal nice friendship with Vessela Ilieva, while four years ago, when I had furnished thousands of homes - both my and others - I finally decided to have my own. Then I looked for Unique Estates professionally and gave me in very good hands. Vessela introduced me to Ilonka Stoyanova. I can calmly define this meeting as one of the characters in my life and my career as an interior designer. Ilonka not only found the right, the most suitable and safe place in Sofia to recognize as my own, but also became my wonderful friend and adviser. I learned a lot from her as to what attracts people to a home and what they are scared and disliked - things they may not share with the designer but willingly share with her. That's how Unic Estates approached her! She is unique and she can really feel the atmosphere of the property, the wishes of the buyers, and at the same time motivate vendors to show the merits and the possibilities of the property in the best way. Her unmodified smile fills the fears in the most intricate situations, and her professionalism overcomes the bureaucratic obstacles and gives peace and confidence. And as a splendid bonus sincerely, but truly sincerely joining the joy of a successful deal and the acquisition of a new home - a personal and so important moment for people. Surely because it works with ambition and knowledge, but also with the soul and the heart!

Recommendation by Viktor Atanasov

I congratulate you, Vesela and Unice Estates on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the company. I do not accidentally use small names to you and the team because I have the privilege not only to work together but also to maintain friendly relations!

I wish you many successes and lead the company to new peaks and very satisfied customers. I believe in you and I hope we have many more collaborative projects because success is a team game and you are part of our team.

Recommendation by Richard Clegg

Thank you Ilonka Stoyanova for your support. I am again superbly impressed by your professionalism. It's rare, and I value it and you very much!

Recommendation by Diana Angelova

Hello Ilonka,
After finishing all of the sale and transfer of the owner of the apartment in Boyana, I would like to thank you for all the efforts on your part for a successful sale!
I can not miss the fact how long it has been doing with this sale, how to deal professionally with our mistakes in the offer, and many talks about price and other details.
Really, once again, convince me how much you hold to customers, with perseverance, desire and commitment to achieving the desired result.

Education and Qualification

Dedication and Commitment make things happen!

Education and qualifications

  • Master of Bulgariand and English philology

Professional experience and skills

  • Ilonka works in the sphere of the real estate for more than ten years. She has 4 years customer service management experience in a 5 star hotel in Dubai and 2 years executive sales and marketing experience in a leading French-British company in the UAE. Joins the team of Unique Estates in 2008. 
  • Excellent communication skills 
  • Excellent knowledge of English and German

Awards and achievements

  • Awarded for a Significant Contribution to Company Development
  • 2013 - The largest personal contribution to the company
  • 2012 - Partner of the second quarter of the year; Award for the greatest customer satisfaction
  • 2011 - Partner of the first and second quarter of the year; Deal in the first and third quarters of the year
  • 2010 - Employee of the Year of the Holding; Consultant with the highest number of deals for the first, second and third quarters of the year
  • 2009 - Consultant of the Year; Consultant with the highest number of deals for the first, second and third quarters of the year; Second quarter transaction of the year; Consultant with the highest turnover for the second and third quarters of the year
  • 2008 - Consultant with the largest number of deals for the third quarter of the year

“Having fulfilled my goals and beaten incredible set targets in the hotel  and sales and marketing industry, I decided to make a career change into real estate for a greater challenge and further development. Optimal productivity, flexibility and honesty is what I endeavor to offer my clients at all times”. " Each and every person I have served, whether they are purchasing a small apartment or a big house, has received the same care, attention, integrity and professionalism".
With an up-to-date knowledge of the current market she earns the confidence of her customers which results in her great achievements as a successful real estate professional.
An excellent negotiator, diligent, meticulous and committed, she continues to successfully match buyers and sellers to their ideal property


  • Reading books, spending time with family, interior and floral design.