11/05/2019 Sylvana Vassileva Gallery

For the children of Bulgaria

In our column "The life of Unique Estates" we usually tell you about the various initiatives the company organizes and the interesting stories about the people who work in our team.

This time, however, we will not talk about trips to beautiful spots in the world, nor about the prizes, diplomas, and certificates that our consultants often receive. Today we will share a really touching story. We will tell you about the mission Krasimir Djambazov, a consultant at Unique Estates and his wife Vesselina have in order to help children with kidney disabilities in Bulgaria.

As parents of a child with kidney disabilities, during the years of treatment, the family became involved with the fate of the many children and their families who they met at the Children's Urology Clinic at NIJPirogov UMHALSM. In this battle, Krassimir and Veselina became aware of the enormous need for help and support these children and their parents have in this long and painful process. This is how the family decides to commit to the noble cause of establishing an "Association of Parents of Children with Kidney Diseases" in Bulgaria.

For nine years already they have been supporting the children in the Department of Pediatric Urology at the University Hospital "N.Pirogov", the Clinic of Child Nephrology at the SBATTB "Professor Ivan Mitev" and the Clinic of Pediatric Cardiology at NHH with initiatives such as "Play and create with us", "The first of June - To Give Smiles to Children" and "Fairy Christmas". In this way they have been helping small patients to overcome the stress and pain more easily.

The Association also organizes initiatives in support of hospitals for the purchase of equipment, so that the children get quality care on due time.

They also carry out advocacy campaigns, resulting in amendments to Ordinance 3 on preventive examinations and dispensaries, Ordinance on Admittance of Children in Kindergartens in Sofia and Ordinance № RD-02-20-3 of 21.12.2015 for design and maintenance of buildings for learning purposes.

"Our idea was to create this Association in order to be close to parents in the harsh moments, to reduce the pain and stress of children with what we can, and to help medical professionals with donations for equipment. During these years, together with volunteers, we visited various hospitals. In time, we met with many young people with big hearts, medical professionals who love their profession and donors who supported our cause to help. These are real people who I admire, "says Vesselina Djambazova.

"The childhood of children with kidney problems is associated with frequent hospitalizations, operations, interventions, observations, food and sanitation, limited physical activity, social exclusion and difficult integration. Hospitals become their second home where they undergo vital operations, meet different challenges, and grow up under the care of their parents and medical specialists, "she says.

The lack of professionally prepared workers in kindergartens restricts the access of children with kidney anomalies to these establishments and leads to their social isolation and lack of integration. The problem is growing more and more because the number of children with kidney disabilities and diseases in the country is constantly growing. According to data from child nephrologists, 40,000 children live with unsuspected anomalies, and according to child urologists data - 1.28% of all newborns undergo urological surgery until their 16th anniversary. There is a lack of adequate support from psychologists, social workers and pedagogues for children suffering from these diseases and their parents.

With the help of volunteers, the organizers from the Association managed to bring smiles in the everyday life of the children with the initiative "Play and create with us". But their future goal is to extend the scope of this activity by ensuring daily visits by a psychologist and a pedagogue, both in and out of the hospital wards. This would help children and their parents to better cope with the difficulties and challenges of the disease.

For the realization of all these activities, the Association regularly needs funds in order to buy materials, games, and to implement the individual program for children.

The organizers from the Association hope to be able to rely on the help and support of the donor companies and the hearts of the people behind the cause in the future. Unique Estates supports this initiative in the hope of a better future for the children of Bulgaria!

If you are willing to support this noble cause, you can contact Vesselina Djambazova - President of the Association of Parents of Children with Kidney Diseases by phone: 0885602042 or by email: office@rdbz.org