Ivan Tonev
Senior Consultant / Mentor


  • Most effective consultant for 2014


"Ladies and gentlemen, with this letter, which I ask you to accept as a thank you, I would like to express my gratitude to your employee Ivan Tonev.

Mr. Tonev, in performing his duties, showed great professionalism, empathy, responsiveness and, most importantly, a human attitude towards me in solving the issue of buying an apartment.

Anyone who chooses and purchases a residential property knows that this is related to assessing a number of problems and satisfying multiple buyer wishes. In this important moment as a buyer, Mr. Ivan Tonev was extremely useful to me, explaining to me a number of questions and offering variants, using a rich argument for the positive and negative aspects of the given object, showing his high competence as well. Not for a moment, Mr. Tonev did not refuse to take part of his time to visit the sites that I had also outlined, besides his suggestions. I also impressed my legal culture with regard to the legal requirements concerning the purchase and sale of housing.

Thanks to Mr. Tonev, I am already a happy owner of an apartment that satisfies my requirements to a large extent.

On the eve of Christmas and New Year, I want to wish you, Mr. Ivan Tonev and all of you, above all health, great happiness, professional success and satisfied customers.


Assia Tzankova

BTV Creative & Technical Director

"I believe that with Unique Estates I can get the best price and conditions when selling (renting) my property. Be always the same professionals! Special thanks to our agent Ivan Tonev! I have not expected such a professional and correct attitude! "

Ivaylo Ivanov

Education and Qualification

"The client needs professional consultation combined with the strength and the effectiveness of the practical experience."

Education and qualifications

  • Certified training of the American association of realtors and National Association of real estate for international certificate ABR SRS - How to work with buyers
  • 66th Sports school

Professional experience and skills

  • Ivan started his professional career in the real estate sphere in 2008. As a result of his ambition and strong motivation, he finalizes many successful deals that have created his reputation as a successful broker. In his activity as a consultant, Ivan has his own handwriting and gives a broader content to the profession of real estate broker, actively working in two main directions: creative advertising of the certain property and professional consultation for its realization. He always strives to apply an individual approach to his clients, draw from his colleagues' experience and analyzes the reasons for the success or failure of each particular deal.

  • He speaks English and Russian

Awards and achievements

  • Best colleague of 2015
  • Most effective consultant for 2014