08/06/2020 Lora Petrova Gallery

Тogether for a better education

In March 2020, the world changed and this had a great impact on activities and organizations that had to adapt quickly to the changes. Education was one of the most affected sectors. It had to respond in a timely manner without ceasing to operate and continue to operate in a digital environment.

We, at Unique Estates, hold on to quality education for a better future and stand by those who need support. Our team donated 20 computer configurations, with which we helped the children from 92 Dimitar Talev Primary School, Sofia, and Graf Ignatiev Primary School in the village of Graf Ignatievo. The equipment we provided will be used by schools in the coming years, which will make the learning process much more flexible and interactive.

We received a letter from the management and staff of the Sofia school 92 Dimitar Talev Primary School, in which they thank us for the support we have given and the empathy for the efforts of teachers for better education of their students. Ms. Daniela Petkova, Director of Graf Ignatiev Primary School, said that thanks to the responsiveness and generosity of Unique Estates, the "open window to the world" will continue to bring knowledge and new opportunities. Together we wished each other health and enthusiasm, fruitful projects and prosperity in the future.

We believe that well-motivated children with access to interactive education will be the positive change that will take place. Our team is confident that with the joint efforts of people and institutions, we will make many children in the country happy. We are happy that in this challenging period, we manage to help and give hope for better education and a successful start for the children of Bulgaria!