07/05/2020 Lora Petrova Gallery

Tips for successful meetings

In the current situation, we have all become proactive and do not stop upgrading our knowledge and skills. We discover new technological solutions, we try different methods to deal with and the business does not stop. Whether in person or online, there are a few basic rules for running a successful business meeting. See who they are:

1. Set an appropriate time for all participants in the discussion. There may be delays in the morning, people are easily distracted at noon, and in the afternoon they are already thinking about rest. Choose a time when everyone will be focused and productive and do not be late.

2. Make a plan for the meeting. Allocate the time correctly so that you do not have to hurry, but also do not procrastinate too long.

3. Do not interrupt the speaker, because you may distract him from his thoughts and fail to share important things. Write down your questions and don't be ashamed to ask them when it's over.

4. Keep notes all the time. Emphasize significant accents, details, new suggestions, creative ideas, strategies and goals.

5. Prepare before the meeting. Define specific tasks on the topic and do not deviate from it.

6. Be calm and speak slowly and clearly. Show that you are confident and understand your profession.

7. When you encounter a contradiction, argue objectively. Try to look at a side position and think about whether you are missing something.

8. Do not be too upbeat, nor too serious and strict. People need to feel that they can trust you. Do not be indifferent and use appropriate intonation.

9. Even if you are holding the meeting through an online platform and you are at home, wear appropriate clothing. It is advisable to choose business attire, avoid any background noise and choose a good background.

10. If the meeting is too long, take a short break for coffee and to clear your mind. Then move on to fresh ideas.