16/07/2019 Sylvana Vassileva Gallery

Marina Lyudmilova - for the pursuit of development and professional success

Marina Lyudmilova is a Senior consultant at Unique Estates. She has been part of the company’s team since 2014. Marina has many years of experience in the banking and insurance sphere. Over the years she has been rewarded many times for her achievements and high performance in her work. Among the last awards she has received are: "Deal of the Year for 2016", third place in the category "Consultant with the highest turnover for 2018" and the "Customer Champion” for 2018 – an award given to the consultants in the company who have the highest number of satisfied customers throughout the year.

Marina is among the people who do not stop investing in their education and professional skills. We meet her to tell us about an interesting Master's program, which she has just graduated from, in Varna Free University, as well as for her future professional plans.

This is the second master degree you get, Marina. Tell us more about this program.

The Master's Program "Entrepreneurship" at Varna Free University is realized in partnership with the Bulgarian Center for Entrepreneurship Foundation and the InterCulture Foundation of US Financial Advisor and Investment Manager Larry Beale. I had the pleasure of being among the 30 selected scholars of this program among 150 candidates who have applied. The training was entirely in English and the lecturers were mentors and entrepreneurs from the Silicon Valley in the United States. I was honored to have Dafina Toncheva as my mentor. She is the only female entrepreneur who is a partner in one of the largest investment funds in the Silicon Valley - USVP.

Why was this training important to you?

I was really fascinated by this university, both from the place and from the professionalism and approach to the students. It was really valuable to me as I have made many good contacts and learned very interesting things while communicating with people from different spheres of the economy, both from Bulgaria and abroad. We exchanged experience and ideas and have enriched each other during this interactive learning process. This undoubtedly reflects well on my job as it builds on my professional knowledge and skills and motivates me to develop further.

What else do you plan in regards to your professional career?

I'm happy to work for a company like Unique Estates. Our team is really special with the selection of interesting and valuable people who work here. I feel right in my place and I intend to keep on investing all my energy and love in what I do here in the future.

The company has recently provided me with a sales assistant to help me with serving my clients even better. This is a great appreciation for my work and I am grateful for this. My striving for development is complemented by my desire to pass on my experience and knowledge in the area of ​​sales and customer care in the luxury real estate segment. It's no coincidence that this year I was honored as the consultant with the highest number of satisfied customers and I am proud of this positive feedback about the effort and energy I invest in my work. This motivates me to continue to develop and build on as a professional. I'm already thinking about the next challenge and looking for other programs and trainings to apply for.