15/08/2018 Sylvana Vassileva Gallery

Evelina Kostakeva - among the clouds of Mytikas

For Senior consultant Evelina Kostakeva 2017th was another successful year in her career. In the first few months of 2018 she continued with her high results, working for Unique Estates, but managed to climb other peaks as well. For the feeling of conquering the highest peak of the Mount of the Gods - Olympus and the Bulgarian one - Vihren, she talks about in an interview with Sylvana Vassileva.

What is the feeling of being 2918 meters above sea level?

Yes, Mytikas is just as high. I managed to climb it at the beginning of June, and in July I overcame Vihren, with its 2914 meters. The feeling is fascinating and addictive. In the mountains you gather with some of the purest people on earth. There you meet the most true part of yourself. Up there I find balance and peace indeed, something that is impossible here in the dirt and cacophony of everyday life. I come down from every peak feeling reborn! It's not the question of taking a picture or boasting about it. There the ego goes very small, other things are important.

You do a lot of sports. People know you as a very active person, disciplined in your work. Does such an challenge require prior training and preparation?

In principle, yes, it's a good idea to have the minimum of the mandatory list, but that's when you go alone. When you are with a group, things are different. There is always someone to serve you with something you have forgotten, you are returning the gesture to another then. That's why, especially in new places, I like to be with a group. I usually go with almost completely unknown people, which makes the experience even more complete. However, on Vitosha mountain I can go alone and at any time. Once I feel the need to calm down, to clear my head and to balance myself, I am there. We are really lucky in Sofia with this gift, located 20 minutes from the center.

What is your experience with the mountains so far? How would you compare the climbing of the two peaks?

I climb mountains since I was a child. My grandfather, the most unique man I've ever known, lit the sparkle in me and brought me almost every weekend to the mountains. I love the Rhodopes, but there is actually no mountain in Bulgaria that I have not visited. If I have to compare, Mytikas is a little bit more technical in the last part - from Scala to the very top. There is recommended a safety that I did not use, because I have no fear of heights, just the opposite. Vihren has three attacking routs. I have passed two of them - the main one and also the Djamdzhiyev edge. The second one is more extreme and I prefer it. In combination with Koncheto in one day they give a wonderful dose of healthy adrenaline.

Do you have specific plans for other similar experiences that are ahead of you and what are they?

I have not made grandiose plans. This month I will be relaxing on the beaches of Sithonia and Ammouliani. For September I have an organization for the beauties of the Stara Planina - the waterfall Raiskoto praskalo and Botev peak. Farther, for the autumn, I have ideas for the Alps, if all goes well.