Why trust Unique Estates to sell and let your home

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Why trust Unique Estates to sell and let your home

Over the last years, we established ourselves on the market as a company boasting a rich database of attractive properties in the highest-end areas and more than 30 000 potential customers. We are proud of being able to negotiate the best possible terms over the shortest time possible.


From our partnership with Luxury Portfolio and Leading Real Estates Companies of the World, we have accumulated experience and knowledge, thanks to which we have an opportunity to offer a portfolio of potential customers, personal attitude, high-quality services, according to international standards, loyalty, and honesty. Unique Estates is part of AG Capital.
The holding specializes in construction and investment in real estate and includes companies covering the full range of activities: investment in residential and office buildings, consulting services, credit counseling, insurance, outsourcing and debt collection. The group has over 1000 employees in 25 cities. The portfolio is the two largest real estate companies - Address Real Estates and Imoteka.

Access to corporate customers

Unique Estates has at its disposal more than 15 000 corporate contacts, which use our company’s services on an ongoing basis in order to meet their needs. We are members of the American Chamber of Commerce, German-Bulgarian Chamber of Industry and Commerce, the Association of the Family Business, and the Bulgarian Business Leaders Forum. We take part in all events organized by these entities and their members; we constantly keep in touch, and are prepared to meet their needs for a residence. Our customers also include the foreign embassies in Bulgaria.

Access to international clients

Unique Estates is an exclusive partner for Bulgaria of the largest international property network. Leading Real Estate Companies of the World (LeadingRE) is home to leading independent real estate companies from over 60 countries. More than 550 companies and over 128,000 brokers are presenting more than one million transactions worth $ 351 million a year. The holding only works with an invitation based on real results and trusted relationships that can guarantee the perfect service to each customer.
Luxury Portfolio International is the luxury face of Leading Real Estate Companies of the World, with a premium website launched in 2005. From the very beginning, it presents more properties for over $ 1 million more than any other luxury real estate chain. The holding continues to grow and offers more than 50,000 of the most remarkable homes in the world.
Thanks to our international partners, your property reaches every corner of the planet. Luxury Portfolio's site is the property of the highest segment and attracts visitors from over 200 countries each month, translates into nine languages, converts multiple currencies and offers properties worth more than $ 54 billion, with an average price of more than $ 2.6 million.

Longer working hours

Our longer working hours provide more opportunities to arrange site visits to your property, some 35% of the visits take place after ordinary working hours and on off-days.
Our professionally trained advisors are available at their cell phones throughout the week.


Unique Estates regulates its relationships with each client at the initial meeting. The mediation contract clearly describes our commitments to you. We offer you two types of services for your property - Premium, and Standard. This will give you full transparency about the process of working with us. 

Expert advice

It takes skill and experience to negotiate and successfully close a deal and at the best possible price.
With their education and experience our advisors and legal practitioners offer expert advice as regards the process of realizing your property, protection of your security and best interests.

Professional expertise

"How much does your property cost, what is its real rent?"
The answer to this question is the most important for the successful realization of your property on this dynamic market. Our professionals will prepare a special comparative market analysis and with concrete examples of realized deals will determine the exact market price. We will be committed to updating this information each month.

Professional photos

Presentation and precision are the be all and end all! Our photographer shoots professional panoramic photos and detailed photos so that your property appears more attractive. At your request you can also shoot a 360º photo.
Your advisor will draft a professional quotation detailing the full characteristics and advantages of your property.
As a result of that your property will be ready to sell or let.

Competitive marketing

Every month we invest funds to advertise our clients' properties through various channels, including through our newsletter and our magazine. If you want, we can create a special luxury brochure that will reach all potential customers or organize an Open House event where we will present your property to selected clients. We create a search by targeting specific potential customers. Every month you will receive an accurate report from us about the work done.

An award-winning website

With its modern design and innovative approach to property presentation, Unique Estates is one of the market's leading marketplaces with over 70,000 visitors each month and plays a key role in professional marketing. Each property is presented with detailed description and quality photos. Your consultant will professionally present it in a video walk.

Business events

Your property will be presented to specially selected customers in an organized event. Once annually we open the doors of a unique property from our portfolio and we welcome our loyal clients to a refined cocktail before Christmas.

The corporate events we run throughout the whole year in selected properties attract partners who present their most interesting proposals.

Unique Estates Life Magazine

The only magazine for luxury properties in Bulgaria. In each issue we present expert analysis of the market, last trends in personalizing the interior, useful tips from architectures and designers and more. The magazine runs 8,000 copies, some of which come directly to the homes of our most special customers. Unique Estates Life is also commercially available.