18/03/2021 Lora Petrova Gallery

Daniela Tonova - TOP broker for the last three years

Daniela Tonova holds the position of Senior Consultant at Unique Estates and is part of the sales team with manager Galina Grudova. The last years are really special for her and she receives high praise for her work and the achieved results. Daniela is the winner of the Consultant with the highest turnover, Consultant with the largest number of transactions, Highest income from a transaction. He received an award for Active Partnership with a Credit Center, as well as a Special Award for Digital Marketing. Thanks to her remarkable qualities and excellent achievements, she leads a Master Class for the company's consultants, where she reveals the secrets of becoming a TOP broker for the last three years.

Daniela, you've been in the company since 2016. You proved to be a true professional and won many awards. To what qualities do you think you owe your success so far?

Success is a combination of several qualities that I possess. It takes effort to be at the forefront, but when you pursue your goals and we all look in the same direction, the results are there. The most valuable qualities that lead to my success are the positivism and unceasing enthusiasm with which I work. I have a strong ambition to meet the requirements of each client until he is completely satisfied. I invest a lot of time, energy and resources in my self-improvement and upgrading my knowledge in the real estate and business industry in general. I decided to enroll in the National Association for Real Estate NSNI, where I officially graduated and I am already a certified specialist in residential real estate. My other professional qualities are the perseverance and patience I show in various cases on the way to a successful deal. I am always fair and honest with my clients, as evidenced by the many recommendations I receive from them.

You have won many awards during your development in the company, one of which is participation in the Leading RE Global Symposium 2019. Which award is most special to you?

Recognition from my clients, colleagues and company management. Recognition for my work is very valuable to me and I define it as my greatest reward. It gives me a real idea of ​​the contribution I have among people. I understand that I am truly appreciated and the direction I am going is the right one. That's why every award is important to me. My awards are my pride!

Being a broker is not a profession for everyone. It requires a lot of perseverance and tireless work. What advice would you give to your budding colleagues?

I am glad that our company is developing and our big family is growing. The new colleagues have full confidence in those who are already experts in the field. Our role is very important because in addition to training them and introducing them to the world of real estate, we provide them with the necessary support and encourage them to move forward. I always advise them not to give up and to be patient. When a person is persistent and precise, things happen. The brokerage profession takes time to prove yourself as a trusted trader. Strong motivation and perseverance are needed.

Why did you decide to lead a Master Class at Unique Estates?

My desire was provoked by working in sync with colleagues because teamwork leads to satisfied customers, and satisfied customers lead to more customers. I am happy to be able to share successful practices from my experience and share some of what I have already learned.

You have said many times that you are a merchant by vocation. What is different about selling luxury properties?

Nowadays, luxury is an integral part of the idea of ​​success, luxury is a reward and aspiration, a long-term investment. Selling luxury properties, I upgraded my personality, meeting every day with people from whom I can learn, get rich and help.

The past year has taught us that the weather is unpredictable and some of our goals have been left in the background. What do you expect from 2021?

I strongly believe and hope that a good and fruitful 2021 year awaits us, in which we will all have a balance of the valuable things in life. I am a positive person and over time I have become convinced that when you least expect it, the best things happen. It is important to look ahead and make your dreams come true. I am confident that things will go well for all of us and 2021 will be a happy and successful year.