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Best Boats Only

CRÈME DE LA CRÈMЕ or the best of all- is the moto of Best Boats Only. With over 15 years of experience in sales of luxurious yachts and boats, they only select the best and highest class of brands: superyachts, motorboats, sailboats, and fast speed RIB boats.

They are by your side from the very start until the end- whether it is selecting the right model, design, equipment, transportation, staff or boat service. They are truly a partner when it comes to yachting.

SANLORENZO is a leading Italian yacht manufacturer with sizes varying from 24 to 70 meters. Every yacht by Sanlorenzo is a result of careful craftsmanship, with its individual boutique approach, entirely achieved with the desires of the buyer. Sanlorenzo offers more than luxury and handmade craftsmanship, they guarantee that every detail is carefully selected and combined by the team of designers. The result is a work of art, telling its own story.

Sanlorenzo SL102 Asymmetric Length: 31.05 m, Width: 7.06 m, Max. speed: 52 km/h, Cruise speed: 44 km/h

PARDO YACHTS is a company with over 4 500 sold high class, modern and stylish yachts. The perfect combination of speed and elegance. The futuristic form and classic lines make the brand stand out and are staple characteristics. The careful selection of materials and beautiful design are what make PARDO yachts truly Italian craftsmanship.

Pardo 50 Length: 16.25 m, Width: 4.95 m, Max. speed: 71 km/h, Cruise speed: 54 km/h

BENETEAU is a world leader with over 150 years of traditions in the world of sailing and motorboat manufacturing. They have a boat for everyone’s taste, recreating the sea in every dream- long cruises, fishing, sport and fun…

Every style of sailing, leisure and horizons, with over 10 styles and 70 models. A dream come true for every taste.

Beneteau GT50 Length: 15.78 m, Width: 4.40 m, Max. speed: 52 km/h, Cruise speed: 37 km/h Beneteau First Yacht 53 Length: 17.12 m, Width: 5.00 m, Max. speed: 9.5 km/h, Height of the mast: 26.68 m

CAPELLI and your unforgettable moments. An endless variety of RIB models with easy control, perfect performance and safety in your wet adventures. Designed in such a way, that every owner will receive the perfect distribution of space onboard, surrounded by comfort and luxury.

Capelli TE50 Length: 14.75 m, Width: 4.36 m, Max. speed: 118 km/h, Cruise speed: 75 km/h

TECHNOHULL are luxurious RIB boats- the best when it comes to style, comfort and performance. They are designed to impress with their remarkable constructive stability and sport performance. Fast, tech orientated, ready for any challenge at sea. You will always be riding the wave with them.

Technohull Omega 47 Length: 14.00 m, Width: 3.50 m, Max. speed: 175 km/h, Cruise speed: 85 km/h


Best Boats Only
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