18/07/2020 Unique Estates Gallery

The TVs today: obsolete or an innovative addition to the modern home

We all remember how, at least a decade or so ago, the whole family gathered in front of the TV for the evening news, and then to watch a favorite sitcom. The small screen took up a lot of space in our daily lives and a home without it was unthinkable.

Gradually, however, the TV took almost the role of the radio - we turned it on early before we went out to listen to the morning news, or while we were doing something at home so that it wouldn't be too quiet. But even this application began to fade with the advancements of mobile technology. From 2016 to 2019 alone, television viewership fell by 5.7%.

And just as we began to assume that TVs could become obsolete, they began to change dramatically. According to the latest estimates, more than 119 million people will use smart TVs by 2022. And because just being "smart" is not enough at a time when everything is like that, these products are gradually acquiring new functionalities designed to be an innovative and interesting addition to any modern home.

Just a screen or art

The TV is not used at home for most of the day - and we can't say that the turned off black screen excites us with any special aesthetic qualities. But what if it could become a work of art from a world-famous gallery?

This is exactly what the Samsung’s TV The Frame has to offer. When turned off, it becomes a beautiful part of the interior, displaying a rich collection of paintings. The art comes to life in great QLED quality, and the TV itself has a removable frame in 4 different colors - brown, beige, black and white, which can be purchased separately as an accessory. You can place it on the "invisible" stand (so-called No Gap system) that comes with it to attach it tightly to the wall, just like a picture. Or, if you choose, on a Studio tripod stand.

The TV has the so-called. Art Mode, which uses the new Dual LED technology, as well as other modes rich in settings, so that you and your guests can enjoy the art like in a gallery. And the works of art themselves are easily found in the built-in Art Store, which has over 1,200 paitings by more than 500 artists. The store remembers your preferences and automatically recommends pictures suitable for your taste.

The Frame is ideal for art connoisseurs, but also for anyone who strives for an always perfect interior, without unnecessary black screens.

Just a screen or an extravagant technology

We mentioned earlier how mobile technology takes away some of the functions of TVs. Only 12% of people claim they do not use their phone or other device while watching TV. Using Samsung's The Sero (from Korean: vertical), these two activities are in symbiosis. The TV is an amazing addition to any modern home, as its design and functionality are rare and innovative.

It has a rotating screen and supports both standard horizontal and vertical mode. The Sero supports screen mirroring of your Android or iOS mobile phone, so it can easily be converted from a TV to a smartphone, but with an impressive 43 "QLED 4K display and 4.1CH 60W speaker for loud and clear sound. If you have a Galaxy device, with just one touch, you can switch from horizontal to vertical and vice versa without even getting close to the screen, enjoying a variety of content and changing the display orientation following that of the smartphone connected to the TV.

Of course, the vertical screen is functional in portrait mode even without pairing with a mobile device. You can use it in 5 different ways: as a clock, as a Sound Wall to visualize the music, as a poster, as a decor and as a photo frame.

And in its horizontal mode, The Sero can be used simply as a smart TV.

Just a screen or a designer furniture


Almost all TVs look similar and if your home has a designer interior, most of them will not contribute to it in any way. Samsung makes an exception with its TV The Serif. It was developed by the Bouroullec brothers, famous names in interior design, and has a whole panel without any dividing lines and a screen with rounded edges. Its design is inspired by the form of the Latin letter "I" in the popular serif color and is not accidentally recognized as an innovative product design at this year's world-famous international forum (iF) Design Awards. It can be placed both on a stand and on a shelf or cabinet.

The Serif fits into any home and is a beautiful addition to the interior.

Just a screen or an innovative addition to a modern home? Definitely the second.

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