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The ladies who changed dental care


They are both not star dentists. In fact, none of them is even a dentist. You won’t see them advertising toothpaste on the TV.
And yet, they successfully lead a team of 320 young and ambitious individuals, providing dental implant treatments to up to 4000 patients per year since 2006.
Meet Julia Radeva and Desislava Dimova - the two ladies behind the restless growth of Dentaprime dental clinic, located on the beautiful Black Sea coast. Just a few months before the opening of their newest clinic in Varna, Bulgaria, with the impressive capacity of 12,000 patients per year, we looked into the innovation-driven business concept and the feminine leadership structure that led Dentaprime to become one of the largest and most modern dental clinics on a global scale.


The injustice that nowadays oral health is “traded” as a luxury good lays in the basics of the Dentaprime concept. The Global Burden of Disease Study shows that the shocking 158 million people or 2.3% of the world’s population suffer complete toothlessness.
With these frightening conditions in mind, 14 years ago Dentaprime dental clinic opened its doors in Varna as a state-of-the-art dental clinic, set to provide complete dental implant restorations to everyone, irrespective of income and age. In the last year alone, the clinic has treated 3712 patients from Europe and the United States, thus not only ensuring its own success and its patients’ well-being, but also strongly supporting the local tourism industry throughout all seasons.
In 2019, though, the clinic has been approached by approx. 25,000 people interested in a treatment. Driven by their devotion to provide treatments to all toothless people, the managing team was forced to accelerate the opening of a new clinic with 71 treatment rooms. This will increase the capacity to 12,000 patients per year and will inevitably confirm the position of Varna as the top destination for dental implantology in Europe.
In the core of Dentaprime’s success is the tireless feminine energy of its two chief officers: Julia Radeva and Desislava Dimova.


Women have been generally proven to hold a key advantage in soft skills such as collaboration, personal responsibility, empathy, self-motivation, high work ethic.
For its 14 years of operation, Dentaprime has turned into the epitome of successful feminine leadership.
From increasing productivity and enhancing collaboration to inspiring organizational dedication in a non-hierarchical structure, the benefits of having two ladies on the top managing positions of the clinic have been well-proven.
Julia Radeva is a business pioneer with an inherent sense of empathy. And although empathy is not on the list of top CEO character traits, it is nowadays proven to be a key source of business innovation since innovation comes from one’s ability to grasp people’s unmet, unarticulated needs.
Having been involved in the very first steps of establishing the clinic, Julia has also successfully set the foundations of the two daughter Dentaprime concepts - Dentaprime City practices in Varna focused on basic dental care, and Dentaprime F3T in London, providing complete implant restorations.
“In my daily work, I am led by two inner drives: my profound desire for people’s well-being and my inexhaustible energy to innovate. Those result in a constant search and tests of the latest diagnostic methods and high-tech equipment which nowadays are the only means to guarantee 100% predictable, lifelong results to patients,” says Julia. On her quest to always utilize all available optimization possibilities, she leads a team of skilled doctors to research areas such as robot-supported production of all-ceramic teeth, painless therapy methods in implantology, laser application, and plasma production. It is a fundamental part of her nature to not only believe, but know for sure that there is always room for improvement.
“I never forget, though, that technology doesn’t operate by itself. I deeply care about our people and strive to provide them with constant opportunities for personal and professional growth.”
Desislava Dimova is the more rational part of the inspiring duo yet in a typically feminine, soaked in care manner. She joined the team in 2012 and her initial experience in various departments gave her a complete overview of every single process in the clinic. Today, she works tirelessly to ensure the achievement of all business goals, guarantee the highest efficiency and unprecedented compliance with the high medical and work standards.
Besides her proficiency in numbers, Desislava has the natural ability to discover people’s hidden talents and personality traits with surgical precision. Thus, she can immediately recognize the right place for team members to develop to the best of their abilities.
Although highly ambitious herself, she does not preach, nor practice the popular “success at any cost” approach. Without losing sight of the corporate goals, she takes care to minimize overtime, prevent burnouts, and ensure life-work balance to each employee. “I can’t say that patients’ or employees’ well-being is more important. One just doesn’t function properly without the other,” says the Chief Operating Officer of Dentaprime Dental Clinic & Laboratory.


The medical expertise at Dentaprime is numerically provable: The average failure rate of inserted implants from published studies globally is 5%. The same indicator at Dentaprime is just 1.5%. How is this possible?
Within an environment with exceptionally high hygiene standards, Dentaprime can offer uncompromised high-quality treatment at affordable prices due to:
Biocompatible materials by proven Swiss and German providers and top-notch digital technology;
An expert medical team of 88 prosthodontic dentists, oral surgeons, anesthesiologists, dental X-Ray technicians, and dental assistants.
The above makes it possible for the clinic to offer their patients lifelong guarantee. It is the commitment of meticulously trained young experts, though, that leads to honest and dedicated personal care and adds up to the utter excitement of each patient.
Indeed, the heart of Dentaprime’s innovation-driven growth is its team of 320 highly ambitious and skilled professionals in various fields. The team is dominated by women (66%) and multicultural, featuring specialists from all across Europe. By the end of 2020 only, Dentaprime employees are planned to grow with 100 more people.


In response to the growing demand, the managing team was forced to accelerate the opening of a new clinic in Varna with 71 treatment rooms that will allow for a three-fold increase in the annual patient flow. This turns Dentaprime into the largest private dental clinic in Europe and the USA. Only two clinics in China are of a similar scale, but the technological advantage in favor of Dentaprime is indisputable. A clinic of this caliber will significantly strengthen the position of Varna as an attractive center for dental tourism and will support a number of industries in the region.
Over the last 5 years, the experience gained in the prosperous clinic has been also successfully applied in Dentaprime City practices, making first-class prosthetic treatment accessible to everyone in need. The incomparably low prices of high-quality zirconia crowns, bridges and veneers attract patients from all over the country. Currently, active preparations are underway for the opening of new Dentaprime City practices in Varn. In the long run, such are planned in other cities in Bulgaria as well.
This is not where Dentaprime’s development stops, though. The London-based branch Dentaprime F3T is about to grow into a large clinic with narrow specialization on implant treatments at prices 60% lower than the average. Building works start in the autumn of 2020 to mark the striking beginning of Dentaprime’s global expansion era.

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