12/03/2020 Sylvana Vassileva Gallery

Kalina Residence - comfort and tranquility close to nature

It is our pleasure to present to you a real jewel from Unique Estates’ portfolio - a new type of gated complex located between the city and the mountain. Eleven large plots of land on 42 acres at the entrance of Bistritsa. Seven of them are still free. The layout provides an east-south-west orientation of the houses as well as an opportunity for future owners to decide for themselves how to realize their dream house, with their chosen architects and builders. We meet the investor of Kalina Residence, Dr. Hristo Kusev, to tell us more about the advantages of the project, in which he decided to stay as one of the co-owners.

In an interview, you say that the Kalina Residence is your favorite project. What makes it so?

As a person living in a gated community, I personally have to make a lot of compromises. In this category of projects, the focus is generally on houses and yards, and common areas and infrastructure are built at lower standards than the individual properties. The building fund needed for the management of the village often contrasts sharply with the family buildings, and there are not enough parking spaces for visitors. Art and landscaping in the common areas are usually absent or scarce. Often there are no clear rules and agreements between co-owners, which impedes good governance and is a prerequisite for conflicts. And these are just some of the cases I have encountered.

At Kalina Residence I have the opportunity and have set myself the goal of clearing everything I consider to be a deficiency in typical complexes of this kind in Bulgaria. We have built a gated community that is completely separated from the noise, traffic and curious eyes, while being connected to the nature and amenities of the city. It is set on a spacious terrain with continuous sunshine, excellent connectivity to the city, maximum independence and comfort of living. I call it a "favorite" project because I really like the idea. By realizing it, I also manage to meet my personal needs and those of my family, creating our dream home in a place where we feel great.

The common parts are completed with great care and attention to every detail. Tell us more about the comfort the Residence provides, the park environment and the art within it.

Kalina is located on a 42-acre plot of land with extensively landscaped common areas, in which we have planted many trees, flowering shrubs and evergreens. We have created an aesthetically pleasing, habitable environment. The selected vegetation is adapted to the climate and altitude of Bistritsa.

The necessary common infrastructure and vertical layout are already completed, to the best of our standards. € 2.6 million excluding VAT has been invested in construction, which includes a Service Building, a 9-meter-wide street, pavement and lighting from reputable manufacturers, a gas transmission network, two pipelines, rain and sewage. A wastewater treatment plant has been constructed and a 200-cubic-meter rainwater tank. We also have our own water source with a depth of 100 meters.

The terrain is already prepared and maximally ennobled. Along the outskirts of the Residence, 1 kilometer long, we planted 360 specially selected saplings - birch, mulberry, curly willow, liquidburber and conifer. We have set up various areas in the park - a playground, an outdoor sports area, a lake with water lilies, lotuses and decorative Koi Japanese fish.

In 2014 I had the pleasure to meet the famous Bulgarian sculptor Pavel Koychev. Given the popularity of his work internationally, it is sad for me that nowhere in Sofia we can enjoy his exceptional works. Two of his plastics "The Piper" and "The Seated Woman" are part of the park space in the complex, located at places chosen personally by the author.

To what extent do owners have the freedom to decide what their future home will look like in the context of the entire complex?

At Kalina Residence, they will have the opportunity to realize their dream house according to their individual ideas and requirements, following reasonable common building rules. Each owner can make their own choice regarding the architects, the construction company, and organize the construction process themselves. We have also provided an opportunity for Kalina Residence to be engaged in the design and construction of properties within 18-24 months.

The common parts and infrastructure as well as the building stock have been created in order to increase the comfort for the residents and in order that they should not be inferior in quality to the individual properties in the complex. There are clearly written and binding rules for the relations between the co-owners, for which we thank for the professional assistance of lawyer Kyuchukov from the law firm "Dzhingov, Guginsky, Kyuchukov and Velichkov".

The plots are between 2.3 and 3.2 decares, providing sufficient distance between the individual buildings. The only limitation is the general building visa, which tells us how to optimize the location of individual buildings. This is necessary in order to make clear both the maximum number and size of family houses, and to prevent the risk of a building striking the neighboring one. Architect Lyubomir Semerdzhiev has designed the urbanization of the Residence in such a way that the houses are in the most correct location in the plots, so that they do not interfere in any way. This restriction is, in fact, a great advantage for the future owners of land and houses, because with the presence of this regulation they have the assurance that in the neighboring property in the years there will be nothing extra that will destroy their original idea. There are many cases of frustrated investors who are forced to sell and start from scratch.

Who are the clients who will choose Kalina Residence?

To be precise, we are not just looking for clients, but rather for like-minded people. People who are relevant to the detail and can appreciate the benefits and the whole idea of ​​the complex. Those who may find the differences. These are clients who are not easily satisfied and have the courage to go through the entire investment process to get exactly what they like and need. People who have realized that living in co-ownership also have serious responsibilities. They are united by their desire to follow pre-established and written rules and to respect the interests of other co-owners. These are important prerequisites for good governance and coexistence. In fact, for me, cohabitation in a modern gated complex is a union of like-minded people with common desires and interests.

It takes only 10 minutes from the Ring Road to get here. Still, what can the residents of the complex count on as infrastructure and amenities in the area?

Fortunately, it can be reached either via Pancharevo, Simeonovo or Bistrishko Shosse. In recent years Bistritsa has developed very dynamically and it is a matter of time for a hypermarket to appear. At the moment, all kinds of services are offered on the territory. I also think that Bulgarians are already aware that everything cannot be in close proximity to their home and that like all Europeans do not have to worry about traveling for 20-30 minutes to live a more peaceful, environmentally friendly and healthy life. Fresh air has that price and it's definitely worth it. Bistritsa has beautiful nature, plenty of space and sun all year round. It is no accident that it is known as the place where the villas of the Sofia architects were built over the years.

What is also important is that we provide services for owners who save valuable time and resources to deal with household problems as well. The Residence Manager will be available to arrange for living activities such as painting, maintaining a patio throughout the seasons, welcoming and directing visitors, arranging for a maid, and if needed, shopping, cooking, hourly care for young children and the elderly. Security is provided round the clock by live guard. Modern video surveillance and perimeter security are now operational. An automated digital system recognizes the cars, visits to outsiders are controlled.

One of the highlights of the Kalina project is the service building. It is for the benefit of the future owners with a total area of ​​400 square meters. It combines administrative and residential function and is designed with a meeting room in which each owner can hold their own talks and meetings if necessary. The residence also provides a sufficient number of parking spaces for visitors.

Why did you choose the name Kalina?

Kalina is a type of tree typical for Bistritsa region. It is beautiful in all seasons, in all its varieties. Choosing this name, we wanted to emphasize the connection between the project and nature. We have planted all kinds of Kalina in the park spaces - trees and shrubs. Already at the entrance of the complex we are greeted by three of these beautiful and slender trees.

Tell us more about your collaboration with Unique Estates and the company team?

I have to admit that the idea for this village is Mrs. Vesela Ilieva’s. Years ago I bought the plot with a completely different idea, which, despite the wonderful architectural project, was not realized due to the economic situation back then. Knowing Vesela's experience and competencies, I trusted her recommendation to market large enough plots in a gated complex.

Over the years, I have been able to convince myself of the benefits of working with real estate professionals. I am firm in the benefits of using the services of a reputable intermediary in this process. Unique Estates is an established company whose competent opinion and evaluation is important to the customer. I am pleased with our collaboration so far. That is why for this project I rely on the company team for its successful realization on the market.

Over the years, we have been able to build stable long-term relationships not only with Unique Estates, but also with other companies from AG Capital, with whom the specifics of our business have connected us.


Photos: Tsvetelina Belutova and Stanimir Luchkov