16/04/2018 Lora Petrova Gallery

Agent of the week - Teodora Bivolarska

We present you Teodora Bivolarska - partner and member of Unique Estates since the end of 2010. Teodora has over eight years of experience in real estate, two of which are in a managerial position. For two years she has worked as a translator and a voice voice on TV, as well as a co-conductor in a live social broadcast. Already in the second year after joining the team, she has become Consultant of the Year with the highest turnover.
In work, she is  motivated by challenges. She is ambitious to lead a deal to the end, even sometimes it takes years. There are administrative unrests, but she manages to cope with difficulties and finish with satisfaction - hers and her clients'.
Staying calm and balanced in the whole process of work is the most important thing she seeks in her profession. Over the years and experience, she has learned to conduct positive communication with her clients throughout the deal. She states that her career at Unique Estates has given her a great opportunity to change and improve not only professionally but also personally. She is particularly grateful for the patience of the managing partner Vesela Ilieva and her understanding of all her colleagues.
The difficult times over the years have never denied it. On the contrary, then she has motivated herself to move forward. The ambition to be successful and really good at what you do has always led it. That's why her top nine honors are the highest-ranking consultant and partner of the year.
Customers appreciate and recommend her for her patience, dedication and above all honesty. A great deal of customers are also friends, so her personal life overlapped with her professional, and Teddy finds that fun for her profession. He thinks that one has to work hard and methodically, but also to rest long and deep enough to reload.
Teddy's curiosity to discover and explore new things has made her an active traveler. To relieve tension, she likes to travel to warm countries and exotic destinations, and Asia is one of her favorites. She often visits the gym, likes to swim and go out with friends. Interested in psychology, finance and capital markets, architecture and interior design, tennis and esotericism.
Her success formula is achieved through a systematic method and a long-term customer contact strategy. She believes that thanks to her rich experience, which has given her a comprehensive overview of the real estate market, she has managed to build trust in people. Along with this, the personal approach to each customer contributes to the satisfaction and successful completion of each transaction. She knows that with detailed, analytical and professional work accompanied by a lot of persistence, the result is guaranteed.