09/01/2018 Мария Гальова-Джурова Gallery

The Shop

 “We are not selling clothes, but a lifestyle,” Nevena Borisova told Unique Estates Life Magazine in an interview.

The Shop is located in a new shopping center in Culver City - one of the fastest growing neighborhoods in Los Angeles. “I wanted to create a multi-functional space, not just a boutique with a good selection of products and excellent service, but a place which offers a complete experience. I knew that in order to achieve this, we had to go beyond fashion, to launch a space that offers lifestyle - fashion, interior, even to be a place where you can meet with a friend or just to enjoy a cup of coffee or champagne in a truly chic atmosphere. The truth is that trends in different areas of design - be it fashion or interior, increasingly overlap, and there are no clear boundaries where one ends and the other begins.”