Medical center for plastic surgery for sale, Ref.ID 7853

Studentski grad, Sofia
Office, no furniture
Price: € 1 090 000 without VAT

Unique Estates has the pleasure to their perceptions of your attention, medical center designed for plastic surgery or any other kind of medical center with offices, hospital rooms, surgery / manipulation and operating as well as the necessary technical facilities to them.

The majesty of the mountains and the beauty of the park, give a feeling of peace and security of this hospital.

The property is built on all the necessary requirements.


First level floor - Waiting Room, registry backup, reception room, lounge, toilet, operating and necessary for her service rooms, staircase and elevator.

2nd floor - foyer, Physiotherapy / kinesis therapeutic office. Kitchen office, Physiotherapy, Bathroom, dermatological, AG / urological, Eye / ENT and surgeries, Manipulation, bathroom and hallway.

The lobby is added an escape door, three hospital rooms, 2 rooms for staff / CCTV bathroom patients and Surgical block- consisting of room for monitoring, surgical manipulation, entrance, sterilization, training doctors, cleaners and inflowing. Antechamber to the surgical block again with direct evacuation exit to the hallway floor.


  • The center meets all the requirements for object with medical orientation.
  • Fascinating views of the mountain.
  • Next to a beautiful green park.
  • The building houses restaurants, wellness.
  • Spacious and bright rooms.
  • Underground parking - € 10,000
  • RefID 7853
  • Studentski grad, Sofia
  • Office, no furniture
  • Area: 924 sq.m
  • Floor: 1 / 7
  • Еxposure: West, North, South
  • Parking
  • € 1 090 000 without VAT
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About Region

tudentski grad is the district, where most of the Sofia universities are found, it is a student's city. Those who live in that district are mainly youths, arriving from the entire country or a foreign country, to complete their higher education.


Studentski grad ("Student city") is the student campus area for most universities in Bulgaria and also one of the 24 municipalities of Sofia. It was created in the 1960s - about 60 blocks of flats were raised, the last of them were finished in the 1990's. There are over 30,000 residents, who during the night increase enormously.

Here you can find students form every part of Bulgaria as well as lots of international students from Macedonia, Turkey, China, India, etc. What you get is really quate a fascinating mixture of young people, creating the typical atmosphere of Studentski grad.



The quarter is located in the south-east part of Sofia. To the north is Dianabad quarter, separated by G.M.Dimitrov Blvd., to the east is Darvenitsa quarter, Malinova dolina quarter is situated to the south and to the west is Simeonovsko Shosse Blvd. which separates the neighbourhood from Vitosha quarter and the beautiful Vitosha Mountain. The ring-road, which encircles the city is in close proximity as well - a quick communication link to other parts of the town.



In terms of buildings, Studentski grad is one of the most diversified areas in Sofia, with old blocks of flats, which are inhabitated by the students of different Sofia universities, but there are also many new developments, rich residences, a huge number of nightclubs, bars, sports clubs, cafes, taverns, big stores, a bowling centre, a karting racing can't feel bored here! The quarter is one of the central night entertainment locations of Sofia.

The district declares assortment of candidates for new construction. The life is really active in Sofia in that section. Another main factor when people choose home region in the district is the lack of industrial zones, the southern sun region, and the closeness to the mountain.



A lot of the universities in the city of Sofia are in Studentski grad quarter like NSA ( The National Sports Academy), University of Chemical Technology and Metallurgy, University of Forestry,  University of Mine Industry and Geology, a branch of The Academy of Arts, The Business College, The University of National and World Economics, a branch of the American University, Technical College and others.



The quarter has excellent infrastructure and transport links. There are two regular bus lines that go to the centre of the town throught the neighbouring quarters - number 94 and 280 and a lot of route taxis.

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