Wonderful apartment with 3 bedrooms in a prestigeous complex in Doctor's garden for sale, Ref.ID 6222

Doktorska gradina, Sofia
Apartment, no furniture
Price: € 674 884 without VAT

San Stefano Plaza is not an ordinary property. This is a property that will hold prestige for generations. Some of its merits may not be very visible now, but in the coming years all the innovations incorporated into the building will provide a really quality lifestyle. The investor in San Stefano Plaza had the foresight necessary for an outstanding achievement - to combine the location of San Stefano Street and the Doctor‘s Garden area with a new concept of living. Since the times of the Proshek brothers, the location has been extremely prestigious and a century later it remains so – beyond question. Such a modern building cannot but help put together people with similar lifestyles. It will surely be a home for people with a similar mindsets or even collaborators. Over the years, they will shape their social circle and they will be acquainted with and communicate with each other. Comfort and luxury will mean the same thing for them. The San Stefano Plaza has invested much in innovations, and modern technologies have been used to ensure that the building has a very long life. The building has a smart home system, and the occupant of each home will have access to the system through his phone or computer, no matter where he is. A further great advantage of the building is the four-level parking area with 488 parking spaces. On the fourth level there are 155 places reserved for home owners. Parking area access will be controlled with a card or chip. The parking area has a charging station for electric vehicles, which can charge two vehicles simultaneously. There is a possibility to mount more charging stations. Significantly, the slogan of San Stefano Plaza is „Comfort, security, convenience“ Security is a leading concept for the building and 24-hour security is provided. Entering San Stefano Plaza means a sense of complete calm

The price is without VAT.


  • large livingroom with dining area and kitchen
  • three bedrooms
  • three bathrooms with guest toilet
  • loundry area
  • terrace

  • RefID 6222
  • Doktorska gradina, Sofia
  • Apartment, no furniture
  • Area: 208 sq.m
  • Floor: 7 / 10
  • 3 Bedrooms, 3 Bathrooms
  • Еxposure: North, South
  • underground parking places
  • € 674 884 without VAT
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About the building

Multifunctional complex of new generation in the heart of Sofia. The representative and modern building is located in the ideal center and includes 115 luxury dwellings, 40 retail outlets, 8 class A offices, a training center and 488 parking spaces on four underground levels. The complex is designed and filled with the idea of ​​maximum comfort and convenience for people in and around the building, no matter whether they live, work or just visit it. It has a remote control building system and implemented high-end technologies, access control, 24-hour live security, an alarm system for every object in the complex and CCTV. The remarkable complex combines the function of "living" with the elements of a multifunctional zone, covering all the needs of the modern man - from the services in the renowned shops and restaurants to a bookstore, art gallery and a modern SPA center. This is the first complex of buildings in operation in Bulgaria, which is certified according to the prestigious international standard BREEAM 2013 with "excellent" rating. A healthy environment with high daylight is achieved through automated sun protection, external noise protection, thermographic examination of the building envelope, roof photovoltaic installation, power station for electric cars in the parking lot, rain water tank for watering the greenery, etc.

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