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The April greenery becomes thicker, and along with the spring, our horizons open up. In the Spring / Summer issue we have put the idea of ​​breadth - and expectations, and hopes, and a look at the beauty of luxury living and its power to make us happy.
Created in an inspiring collaboration with Luxury Portfolio International, the issue is a global look at the luxury real estate market and for the first time presents irresistible offers with exclusive locations from around the world. On the cover, you will see some points from our star map with offers.
Why the second home market is booming - experts comment and compare trends in our country and around the world. We also present a special selection of "second home" properties - oases where you can escape to find yourself. How architects interpret the theme of nature and luxury. What a story the future owner of the Santa Barbara residence will buy from the golden years of California. Part of what story will be the future tenant of the Funk House in Downtown, Sofia.
We wish you a pleasant reading and to easily find your oasis, just as spring will pass imperceptibly into summer!

Read the issue HERE.

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