21/12/2020 Lora Petrova Gallery

Antonio Banov: the year-end conclusion

Antonio Banov has been part of the Sales team of Unique Estates since October 2019. Thanks to his ambition and perseverance, he ranks among the successful young professionals in the company. His individual approach in working with each client makes him a recommended broker with highly valued sales and communication skills. Here is what he says about his career so far.

How did you decide to work in real estate industry?

The first venture I undertook after graduating from high school was real estate. I liked the dynamics and the acquaintance with many different people, which exactly fits my character. And so to this day. I love my job and I do it with great pleasure.

Which of your qualities do you define as the strongest and do you think that they help you in your profession?

In my opinion, each of my colleagues has a personal approach to clients and earns their trust in a different way. I approach with accuracy, loyalty and optimism, which makes my relationships with clients more personal and friendly. Our communication remains long-lasting and I become close with most of my clients.

What motivates and inspires you personally and professionally?

Personally, I am inspired by my family and the people around me who always support me. Professionally, I am motivated by the result of a job well done and the satisfaction of my clients. This is my favorite and special part of the brokerage profession - to see the joy and smiles of my clients, which are a sure sign of my success.

What, according to your observations, makes a property a real home?

The people in it. No matter how big a yard a house has, no matter how many beautiful views are revealed from the top of a luxury penthouse - what makes the property a real home is the people who give it life and meaning. There they share their joys and worries, dream, and make plans for tomorrow. A home is a place of peace, warmth and comfort with loved ones.

What is your year-end conclusion of 2020? What are your next goals?

This year was very dynamic and different, given the epidemiological situation in the country. People have become more cautious in every way because of the lack of clarity about the future. I am satisfied with my professional achievements this difficult year and the most important thing is that I managed to stay healthy. For the next year, my goals are to continue to upgrade my skills and surpass what has been achieved so far. May 2021 be healthy and prosperous for all of us!