04/02/2021 Sylvana Vassileva Gallery

The consultants of Unique Estates: Alten Alieva

Although Alten has been with the company and in the real estate business for five years only, she has been able to master all good practices and create a major arsenal of contacts. Delicately and charmingly, she demonstrated her ability to successfully resolve complicated cases and finalise difficult negotiations. Her clients are happy with the consultancy service as they are convinced that working with her and the final result have exceeded their expectations. In recognition of her outstanding performance and of the gained experience, expertise and loyalty to the company, in April this year Alten was promoted to the position of Senior Consultant.

What do you like most in the profession of a luxury estate agent?

I love to make people happy when they discover their dream home. In everybody’s life there is a make-or-break moment — this requires ultimate responsibility and brings great satisfaction when you get things right. Moreover, our clients have strong businesses in diverse areas and I endeavour to be uncompromisingly accurate because our motto is to offer both luxury and genuine quality. Trade-offs are unacceptable.

What in your opinion makes a real estate agent truly successful?

I do not have a strict recipe. I have my own, personal approach to each client. I cannot copy-paste. Building trust with clients is paramount for me. I must feel what they are after. And the greatest recognition for me is the satisfaction from a job well done and the smile on their faces. In a nutshell: build trust with the client, pay attention to detail, and be honest, loyal and accurate.

What does Unique Estates mean to you?

I feel at the right place, and do my job willingly. To me Unique Estates is not just another brand, but a measure for prestige. In this company we have long-time happy customers who keep coming back to us. I am pleased to be part of a team which is already setting the standards. All other players in the market set their watches to ours, because we are leaders in the luxury estate market. The opportunities that come with our membership in Luxury Portfolio are great — contacts. Opportunities for professional development. We learn from the best in class.

What is ‘luxury’ nowadays?

Luxury is a symbol of success. Luxury, and I mean all those stylish and comfortable amenities, is quality of life which successful people can afford. In the proper sense of the word, luxury stands for category, high quality and standard of living. And certainly, experience and values. Luxury attracts attention and contributes to self-esteem by making people feel special.