07/09/2016 Magdalena Velikova Gallery

Top 5 Tips for Tenants

Top 5 Tips for Tenants:


1) Be proactive.

Register with the best lettings agencies in your area and keep in touch with them. Properties often start being marketed before they get onto the agent’s website or real estate web portals, so being the first one to receive a call will provide an advantage in a competitive market.


2) Keep your mind open.

Being prepared for the search of your new home by identifying your absolute must-haves in a property is important. It will help speed the process up even further if you know the aspects you can possibly compromise on. If you did find a property you love within five minutes of the nearest tube station, how important is it that this apartment does not have a garage? Let your agent know from the beginning which aspects are essential and which, if the rest of the property is perfect, you could potentially manage without.


3) Get your ID and finances ready.

When signing the contract you will need to have funds available to pay various expenses such as a security deposit, first month’s rent and the agency’s admin fee. We will need an ID card or a passport to verify your identity. Getting all the documents ready in advance can save you time and help you move in sooner.


4) Prepare your referees.

In Bulgaria you are not obligated to provide referees from previous landlords, but for sure that would speed up the process of renting.


5) Be decisive.

If you find a property that you like, then consider leaving a guarantee deposit in the agency, which will increase your chances for renting the property. High-quality properties attract a lot of interest, so acting swiftly can help to secure the property in a busy marketplace.