30/07/2020 Unique Estates Gallery

3 ideas for incorporating the TVs into interior design

TVs have always been a challenge in interior design - neither the countless articles on the subject, nor interior designers have the exact answer what to do with the "black box" so that it looks good.

Through a series of conferences in a number of Scandinavian cities in the 1940s, a new design trend was formed. This new approach combines the beauty of the furniture with their functionality and at the same time relies on a simpler and cleaner design.

Most furniture is arranged in a free, unpretentious and clean way, even for smaller spaces, which gives the whole space a cozy feeling, called „hygge“ in Danish. At the heart of this design, trend is functionality. The goal is to have no objects that are devoid of connection and meaning with the others in the room. Moreover, the TV is often just such a meaningless addition. Often, but not always.

In the spirit of the Scandinavian hygge we will present you 3 ideas for incorporating TVs into interior design and some great devices that will easily fit into your home.

Place the TV on a tripod

When David Bowie furnished his new apartment in New York, he faced the problem of not being able to put anything on the walls because there were virtually none - all were made of glass. Then his interior designer, one of the biggest names in UK, placed the TV on a big and old tripod.

You can use this idea for any TV, but it may be at an uncomfortable viewing angle or unstable. Samsung's The Frame was created to solve a problem of this nature - it can be placed on a special tripod stand, and when turned off, it becomes a beautiful part of the interior, displaying a rich collection of over 1,200 paintings. The works of art come to life in great QLED quality, while the TV itself could be combined with a removable frame available in 4 different colors - brown, beige, black and white.

Place the TV directly on a shelf or other piece of furniture

As mentioned earlier, a basic principle in interior design is to combine furniture and objects, not separate units. That is why in recent years there has been a trend for TVs to be placed on bookshelves and even liquor table. Thus, the TV is not just a thing, hung somewhere and alienated from everyone else, but becomes a beautiful addition to the rest of the interior.

The problem, however, is that not every TV can be left somewhere so easily. TV stands usually do not have aesthetic qualities or are too big and tall. Therefore, we advise you to look for a TV with a thick and straight frame that can keep it upright. Samsung has done a great job with The Serif, which can be placed anywhere. The Bouroullec brothers, who are well known in interior design, developed it. Its frame is made of a panel without any dividing lines, and the screen has rounded edges.

If you like the previous idea more, The Serif also can be placed on a movable stand, similar to a tripod. In this way, the TV can be moved anywhere in the room without the need for a shelf or other furniture. For example in front of the window.

Place the TV on a framed wall

Another interesting idea is to place your TV next to your favorite pictures at home. It will be good to set your TV to slide show mode to create a complete look of the home. The Frame, for example, has Art Mode and My Photo modes so you can preview pictures and photos with the best possible settings for them.

Another important element is the stand. It must be "invisible" so that the TV can be attached to the wall without spacing and without hanging forward - just like a frame. That's why The Frame has a No Gap system - the TV literally sticks to the wall.

Wherever you place your TV, try to keep it in harmony with your furniture and style.

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