04/08/2020 Lora Petrova Gallery

Property and Project Management Department

Together with the new Luxury and Corporate rental Department operates the Project Management unit which manages and services the real estate for short-term and medium-term rent. The activity is managed by Nadya Dragomirova.

The demand and supply in rented properties has considerably increased over the last years. When customers live or work in different places, travel often, love the changes in the interior and design or make their long-term investments, a rented property is the best choice for them. Functional furnished apartments, light and spacious houses, beautiful properties with landscaped yards and access control are preferred. Tenants are more confident in their decisions; they trust and rely on their personal consultants. These customers have high requirements and their comfort is our priority.

When choosing your new home, among the services for tenants you can use:

• A technical consultant for property maintenance

• Regular or one-off cleaning of the property

• Professional removal

• Organization and coordination of repair works

• Communication between owner and tenant

• Monthly report on property-related expenses

• Payment of utility fees

• Care for flowers and plants


If landlords, have a look at the excellent conditions for you too:

• Thorough cleaning of the property

• Inspection of appliances and equipment

• Organization and coordination of repair works

• Care for plants and green areas

• Insurance of the property

• Monthly inspection of the condition of the property

• Monthly report on property-related expenses

• Payment of utility fees

• Delivery and acceptance of the property upon arrival and release

• Renting the property

The challenges of the property management service include assistance both before and after check-in, in relation to its maintenance. The department prepares a detailed analysis and plan, based on the market situation, the parameters and of the property and the potential options for budget optimization and improvement of ownership. In addition to accommodation and maintenance of residential properties, Dragomirova and her team have a commitment to property management. They keep continuous contact and coordination with all parties responsible for the processes related to technical facilities, landscaping and illumination, video surveillance, cleaning, daily repairs and relations between tenants and landlords.

The team continues developing and improving its services to be of help to our customers. Their satisfaction is of primary importance to us and we work towards the increase in the value of real properties in every aspect.