12/08/2020 Unique Estates Gallery

Martineli presents Rimadesio

The perfect sliding door

Ease, transparency, ability to split and merge all at once. 

Interpretation of a sliding door with emphasis on pure geometric lines. The doors of Rimadesio are a wink, a reference to the Far East, reminiscent of the partition walls - screens traditionally located in the Japanese home. With their sophisticated style, they give a light and simple feel to every room and become an essential part of the decor, whether used in the living room or the bedroom. In this Rimadesio project, the panels are always custom-made, with an ultra-thin aluminum constructive frame, which also serves to highlight the sophisticated aesthetic qualities of Rimadesio glass. The system is equipped with patented innovative technical solutions that guarantee maximum freedom of design, easy installation and exceptional reliability over the years. Various combinations with Rimadesio glass and aluminum from the structural elements with walnut or heat-treated oak veneer are possible. We present the perfect sliding door that combines modern technical and functional features with an original and highly expressive design.