03/06/2020 Lora Petrova Gallery

Property on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast - thousands of times "Yes!"

Summer is approaching and we are all looking forward to the holiday season. Imagine the privilege of waking up in the sun every morning and enjoying the sound of the waves while drinking your coffee! The home is always very sentimental when we associate it with memories of family and loved ones. And we know that the most memorable ones are on the beach!

Life on the sea does not rush as fast as in the big city. There you have time to think about everything, and to act without haste. A clean life in a clean environment with pure thoughts and pure desires. Here the feeling of eternity can even take place in the space you have.

The Bulgarian Black Sea coast is rich with long golden beaches, clear sea and an incredible variety of resorts and holiday complexes. Here all guests find their paradise - and families with children, and young people looking for fun, and nature lovers who prefer a quiet and peaceful holiday. 378 km long, it includes over 230 beaches, many bays, picturesque estuaries with beautiful forests and a wonderful combination of mountain and sea climate. Bulgarian beaches are popular all over the world with their fine and clean sand, and 11 of them were awarded in 2016 with the "Blue Flag" - an assessment of a clean and ecological environment. The Black Sea is low in salinity, and its tides are almost imperceptible, making it suitable for swimming during the summer months.

You will certainly not be bored there. The lands on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast have been inhabited since ancient times and today in many of the seaside towns and resorts you can see extremely valuable historical monuments. This provides a wonderful opportunity to diversify the sea holiday and to touch the culture of past eras. The Black Sea coast of Bulgaria is very suitable for watching interesting and rare bird species. The good attitude towards nature and its richness rewards us with beautiful riparian forests, beautiful places and rich biodiversity. Also, you can improve in some of the attractive water sports, such as kitesurfing, windsurfing, water skiing, diving, spearfishing, yachting. During the summer months, there are also events and festivals that you will really enjoy.

Escape from the dynamics of the city attracts more and more modern people who prioritize the care of their spiritual, physical and emotional health. Indulge in this well-deserved pleasure and pamper yourself with a property on the sea! What better reward than the exquisite luxury of warm summer nights when the lights cast a glare on the crystal surface of the pool? The whisper of quiet conversations by the modern barbecue, a huge veranda with beautiful views, green courtyards and children's laughter, friends and dancing in the middle of the night… And in the morning to wake up in a white spacious bedroom, lit by warm sun to loved one gratitude and energizing! It sounds like a real utopia!

Nowadays, property and luxury mean stability and beauty on the road through the storms of life. In luxury properties, even the scent evokes thoughts of success and prosperity. We, from Unique Estates, offer such heavenly places on Bulgarian soil! Prepare for the coming warm days and immerse yourself in the harmony that brings the beach… Plan your summer in the best place… AT HOME!