11/05/2020 Lora Petrova Gallery

How to prepare your property for viewing during an epidemic

The first impression is very important for decision making and the presentation of real estate is no exception to this maxim. In order to be able to realize your home in the current situation, you need to be well prepared to motivate your buyer or tenant. Here are some basic tips to follow for a quick deal and good results during an epidemic.

Inspections are currently being carried out with some concern, both by the owners and the future occupants. First of all, ensure the security of both you and the visitors to your home. Provide protective masks and gloves for each surface that is touched. It is mandatory to use a disinfectant after each touch and it is recommended to wear socks for even greater safety and hygiene. Stay unsafe away from each other and trust your broker to walk clients around the property.

If you live in the property you are trying to sell, it is necessary to minimize the display of personal belongings. Remove almost all books, accessories, cards and framed photos from the cabinets. Put away magazines, toys and magnets. Display books in neutral colors in stacks of small objects to move the space. This will create a feeling of comfort in potential new owners.

If you are financially limited and do not have the opportunity for new furniture, improve the look of the old ones. Stick to the white color of the bed linen, cover with a linen blanket and place pillows on top. Everything that looks great is simple and minimized. The natural look always speaks of cleanliness and maintenance, which is impressive. Place fresh potted flowers and clean your porch.

Every kitchen should look suitable for experienced chefs. Fill large jars with neutral-colored dry products (black beans, black peas, wild rice, pasta) and place on shelves. Put cheese boards, white ceramics and coffee. Bake soft bread and fragrant sweets.

Bathrooms are also not a place for design experiments. Get a set of new, fluffy white towels. Buy nice, quality bathroom products from one brand. This is where you want your home to look like a hotel: no one embraces the idea of ​​inheriting someone else's bathroom unless it looks sterile.

Turn on the mirrors to create a sense of openness. Not only do they reflect light, they also reflect the point of view, thus enticing the eye to perceive more colors. Whether it's a high shelf, a vertical basket or a bare hanging light bulb, using an element that emphasizes the vertical space, the room improves the feeling of movement and flow.

Add light to your property and decorate with small accents to make it spacious and cozy. Invest creativity and energy, but do not overdo it, because there must be an option to modify the property to the taste of the next heirs. Take a look at the furniture trends in our blog in 2020 and be sure that if you follow our tips, the view will go perfectly and the new occupants will choose your home!