26/02/2020 Sylvana Vassileva Gallery

Zara Koteva - for the new Luxury and Corporate Rentals Department at Unique Estates

Unique Estates has recently created a Luxury and Corporate Rentals division in the company dedicated to the needs of clients who want to rent and lease luxury properties. We meet with Zara Koteva - the manager of the new department to tell us more about the work of the specially formed team and the new services the company provides.

You have over 14 years of experience in the field of real estate, working for various companies and institutions, both here and abroad. You are now the manager of Luxury and Corporate Rentals at Unique Estates. How did you decide to take upon this challenge?

It is a pleasure for me to work at an established company such as Unique Estates, where I can use my knowledge, experience and competencies in working with clients in this industry. I like the people who are part of the team and I appreciate the trust the high management has given me. The new department is an interesting project that I enjoy and feel ambitious about, because working on it involves many different activities and services that we develop. I love challenges and I am motivated to prove myself in what I do. I am a team player and I believe that when we work together for the common purpose, we will achieve high results.

Tell us more about the department you lead - what distinguishes its work and what are the benefits it provides for the clients of the company?

This is a specially created department that will serve both individual and corporate clients looking to rent or lease luxury properties. We offer a new service for staff and management relocation assistance for all companies that need the expertise and assistance of real estate professionals to relocate their businesses and employees.

The company's portfolio of properties also meets the needs of people at middle and senior management positions (Executive Properties), as well as these of the owners of modern small and medium-sized businesses. These are people who need a suitable property for the time they are working in Bulgaria or just want to change their lifestyle.

Today, staff comfort is one of the priorities for the management in the corporate world. Therefore, where employees are placed to live is crucial in order for them to be happy and motivated to work effectively. Fortunately, our portfolio provides a wide selection of high-end properties that perfectly meet this demand. Without differentiation of the properties, we offer the most suitable ones in order to satisfy the client's expectations.

Unique Estates offers corporate service contracts so that companies that choose to work with us can count on one continuous assistance in renting or letting real estates. Under these contracts, they benefit the special conditions under which the transactions are concluded. All this happens with a single contact with us that specifies the search parameters. We then carefully select the most suitable properties from our rich portfolio so that we provide these estates that are tailored to the client's corporate requirements. The advantages also include the continuity of the service provided, which is associated with additional assistance after the rent of the property - its maintenance and usage. This is especially important in cases where landlords do not live in the country and rely on our assistance not only for the rental of the property, but also for its maintenance. Here we work effectively with the Property and Project Management department of our company, with whom we partner very well.

In the department we are actively developing the service "Medium and long term rentals", which has great potential on our market. In the case of medium-term rentals, after the expiration of the lease term, the company undertakes actions to offer the landlord a new tenant, thus preventing the lack of benefits for the client in this type of deals.

What type of clients does the department work with?

On the landlords side, we work with both luxury houses and estates owners, as well as with clients who rent out smaller modern properties that they have purchased for investment purposes. In working with landlords, we pay particular attention to demand characteristics and direct them to tailor their properties as needed so that deals can be completed more quickly. When our work with property owners starts from the moment they purchase an estate for investment purposes, we have the opportunity to advise them on all the steps for its successful completion subsequently.

On the part of the tenants, we work with clients from the corporate world, many embassies and various individual clients who are interested in renting a luxury property in Bulgaria.

The demand for high-end houses is related to quality and luxury requirements in the rented space. Our clients are well informed people who travel and work around the world. Their requirements include the availability of all the modern amenities that a modern home should have. Looking for homes in top locations in the city, in new modern buildings, or in old aristocratic properties that are impeccably maintained. These are properties with contemporary interior solutions, new, designer furniture and equipment.

Unique Estates has established long-standing relationships with both parties on similar types of transactions. The company has a rich portfolio of luxury properties and can satisfy the requirements of even the most demanding clients.

Tell us more about the team of professionals who are part of your department.

These are people with international experience. Among them are specially selected consultants who upgrade their skills and abilities with additional training related to the needs of the Luxury and Corporate department. These are professionals who, over time, have come to know the different sides of the market and know its specifics in depth. They are specially prepared and aware of the needs and requirements of clients looking for this type of high class property.

Elisa Petrova, Hristina Yosifova and Gabriela Bogdanina are currently in the team, each one of them with different experience, skills and potential, which I, as a manager, plan to develop in the most effective way.