27/06/2016 Unique Estates Gallery

Unique Estates Life - in selected retail outlets in the country

Unique Estates Life, our magazine for luxury real estate and modern lifestyle can now be found in selected retail outlets in the country. As to date, the publication presents the latest trends in the real estate market, innovative and classical architectural designs, exquisite interior and exterior design solutions from Bulgaria and abroad, as well as interesting tourist destinations.

Unique Estates Life comes with thematically joint publication of each season, four times a year. Editor of the magazine Mira Lazarova, a top journalist, has experience as editor of "Capital Light", leading morning show on "Horizont", Director of the BNT news, lifestyle director of the publishing house QM, behind magazine Amica, Abitare, Bravacasa, L'Europeo and Max.
Unique Estates Life is our long-standing exclusive project. So far, the magazine was distributed only to partners and clients. Due to strong interest in the issue and the expertise of authors and consultants who share ideas and opinions in it, since June 2016 the edition is now in the media market.
"The new issue is dedicated to the luxury properties on the beach and offers ideas for unforgettable trips to interesting places, top destinations and exclusive resorts in the world - says Mira Lazarova. - The publication will acquaint readers with the young architect and creator of the brand of boutique furniture Loftcase - Dimitar Karanikolov. It reveals collector passion for antiques lawyer Sylvia Zaimova. "
The summer issue of Unique Estates Life will visit people who decided to live in the comfort of their ecological houses. On its pages are presented and the current market analysis of our executive director Vessela Ilieva, expert reviews of the consultants and the latest proposals from the portfolio of our company. The emphasis is on strong selection of unique vacation homes.