22/11/2019 Sylvana Vassileva Gallery

Nadia Dragomirova - for the new Property and Project Management department at Unique Estates

Today, when one of the requirements of high-end residential and retail properties’ clients is the availability of property maintenance and management, Unique Estates has created a special unit to handle this task. Nadia Dragomirova - Manager of the property and project management department of the company tells us more about the new service.

Nadia has been working at AG Capital for 5 years now. She has been part of Unique Estates’ team for 6 months. Nadia has substantial experience in real estate management as well as in the administrative and financial sectors. The department she has been managing for half a year now successfully manages two key buildings in the heart of the city so far - one of which is residential and the other with office spaces. Nadia's team is also involved with the management of the Oborishte 10 project, which is Unique Estates' new office in the “Doktorska gradina” area. The work involves all processes related to the repair and coordination of individual contractors upon completion of the site. From the adoption of a project to its completion, the team communicates the activities of architects, designers, and all suppliers involved in the process. This is a complex task that Nadia takes on as an interesting challenge.

"The building is like a living organism, unique by itself. Managing it is a very interesting task that involves the provision of many separate services and affects relationships with all participants in the chain - owners, tenants, suppliers and contractors of each tasks. All processes in it develop dynamically and its management requires constant coordination and supervision. The service starts with an in-depth analysis and preparation of a financial model that serves to justify all processes related to the building management. Based on the analysis of the market situation, the parameters and the possibilities of the property, solutions for the specific estate are offered in order to optimize the management and provide the best possible results for the client. Capital improvements are also being discussed in order to modernize and increase the value of the building in the future, "Nadia says.

In addition to the maintenance of the property, the service also includes the letting and re-letting of the premises, as well as all the relationships with the tenants. Continuous coordination with all parties to these processes is required, working on pre-agreed parameters. The maintenance of the building itself includes the processes related to the technical facilities in it, the park environment and lighting, live security, video surveillance, cleaning, tenant relations and daily repairs.

The team is expanding, with the company actively working to develop this service and take over new properties and buildings to manage successfully. The purpose of Unique Estates is to provide its clients with all services related to real estates, by working to enhance their properties’ value in every aspect.