10/07/2019 Sylvana Vassileva Gallery

Emiliya Dimitrova - Team Manager at Unique Estates

We are pleased to present to you Emiliya Dimitrova, who is at the position of Team Manager at Unique Estates. Under her guidance will be consultants Daniela Tonova, Nadezhda Zaharieva, Anna Tonova and Orlin Nevenkin.

Over the years Emiliya has gained a solid experience working at leading positions for different companies and institutions, both in Bulgaria and abroad. She has more than 11 years of experience in the banking sector working at different positions over time. Thanks to her aspirations to increase her efficiency and excellence in work, Emiliya has managed to win the confidence of the management of First Investment Bank, who elected her as the Manager of bank branch Sofia North, which includes 11 offices of the bank. Her professional career is also related to the sphere of pension insurance, with her position as a Regional Representative for the CCB Sila. Over the years, Emiliya has established herself as a successful professional trader, delivering high scores and gaining personal recommendations for her achievements.

Her experience in real estate market has been gained in Spain where she has worked as Senior Consultant and Sales Manager for luxury real estates. She has been responsible for the investments of private and corporate clients in projects on the international real estate market.

It is a great pleasure for her to join the professional family of Unique Estates. She is fascinated by the warm welcome and the positive atmosphere of work she feels in the team. She is happy to work for a company that is an established market leader, with people who really love their profession.

Emiliya is a Master in International Relations from the NBU in Sofia and a Bachelor of Marketing from Bourgas Free University. She is fluent in English and Spanish.  Among her qualifications is also a Master's degree in "Preservation of the cultural and historical heritage of Bulgaria" by UniBIT, Sofia.

Emiliya is a part-time lecturer at the Master's program "Banking and Investment Management" at the University of Insurance and Finance, Sofia. She has been a lecturer in the residential / mortgage loan program for the Broker Profession at NSCI, Sofia. She has a number of publications in specialized economic media in Bulgaria.

She is also a volunteer in activities related to the protection of animals in Bulgaria, as well as in various initiatives supporting cultural events in Bulgaria. In her spare time, Emiliya likes to travel and practice yoga. She reads mainly motivational literature and values the ​​contact with positive people, from which she draws very good energy.  She also likes Spanish movies and comedies as a genre.

 Welcome to the team, Emiliya!