31/05/2019 Sylvana Vassileva Gallery

Vesela Ilieva with a third mandate at the Board of the Bulgarian Business Leaders Forum

The regular annual meeting of the Bulgarian Business Leaders Forum took place on 30 May 2019.  at the Grand Hotel Sofia. Representatives of 34 members of the Forum participated in the meeting. George Ruychev, Executive Director reported the activity for last year and presented the program for 2019. The General Meeting adopted the financial statements for the past period and elected a new Chairman, Deputy Chairman and members of the Management Board.
Vesela Ilieva was re-elected for the third consecutive time as a board member. Until today, she is one of the most active members of the Board of Directors who have demonstrated  skills in business leadership, social responsibility, personal commitment and creativity.  Her knowledge of the best business practices continues to greatly contribute to the success of the organization.
The Bulgarian Business Leaders Forum continues to work actively for promoting responsible corporate practices, engaging in dialogue all stakeholders, and promoting the business ethics of the Forum in the future.