11/01/2019 Sylvana Vassileva Gallery

Recover the balance - Detox Destinations

At the beginning of the year, the pages of most lifestyle magazines and online platforms insist to remind us that it is time for a "change". Now is the moment when we redeem the past and make plans for the new year, and that inevitably goes through some form of purification. We clean our lives, our homes and body from the unnecessary things, looking for harmony and happiness. In the pursuit of physical and spiritual balance we undergo various purifying diets, programs and beauty procedures.

Detox Retreat with yoga practices and a special diet is a great start of the year. At www.bookdetoxretreats.com you can find a variety of hotels and spa resorts from around the world that would suit your individual rhythm and lifestyle. At the top of our ranking from the site we put the exclusive Borgo Egnazia Hotel, located in the heart of Puglia.

Harmonizing body and mind in the five-star luxury hotel goes through a special program based on a Mediterranean diet and Ayengar yoga practices in the resort's spa center or amidst the beautiful scenery around. Set amidst the old olive groves in the valley of Itria, just meters from the Adriatic coast, the hotel is on our list of dreamy holiday destinations at any time of the year. Borgo Egnazia's building and gardens bear the footprint of Puglia's rich history, culture and spirit.

The hotel's spa center is a true temple of beauty. It features an authentic Roman bath and all the facilities for the program-related rituals that balance the body and mind. Aygara Yoga is different with its techniques, consistency and time for practice from other types of yoga. The program is created by experienced yoga instructors, therapists and nutritionists.

The colors, architecture and design of the complex add to the feeling of tranquility and harmony. In addition to a beautiful spa and swimming pools, Borgo Egnazia also has a golf course, tennis court and horse riding base. The culinary courses organized by the hotel's master chefs are another exciting experience that will immerse you in the secrets of Mediterranean cuisine.

Balanced, with purified body and mind, we are ready for the challenges of 2019.