10/09/2018 Lora Petrova Gallery

Hire an agent while you are still building

Many home buyers feel they do not have to hire a consultant but buy directly from a builder who already has contractors, creditors and inspectors. Let's tell you why you need to hire a broker for the whole process.

The truth is that buying a home without the broker's intervention can be a costly mistake - missed upgrades, delays in the process, and contract mistakes that are clearly not in your favor.

Here are three reasons to have a broker on your side before buying:

1. Expert Negotiations: Consultants are qualified professionals with commercial negotiation skills. They will likely lower the price slightly or offer new conditions.

2. Preferred Sellers: Your builder might not offer you the best deal. It is important to buy a person you already know and trust.

3. Guidance and support: The process of buying a home can be complicated, with many turns on the road. When buying a new building, many finishing works are due. The broker can help you manage this process effectively, and finally, you will still have a budget.

When purchasing the property, the consultant plays an extremely important role. He is an intermediary between both parties and strives for maximum customer satisfaction. That's why you have to be chosen correctly according to your expectations and move on the way home.