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How to furnish an apartment for a successful rental

In order for the property to be more attractive to the tenants, the owners must observe certain rules in furnishing and decorating them.
When people are looking for a rental property, there are two main criteria they choose: the location / if it is convenient to move to their place of work, a particular kindergarten, school or university / s interior. The tenants' requirements are already high and everyone expects to live in a comfortable and cozy apartment.

Landlords, in turn, want to get a higher rent. When a property is not in one of the preferred neighborhoods, its location can not be changed. In order to be more attractive to tenants, owners have to adhere to some important rules in furnishing and decorating.

Real Estate Portal Domaza has selected some of the main highlights of Holiday @ Home's interior design professionals' expert advice.


Whether you're painting walls, gluing wallpapers or redecorating the sofa, be careful with the colors you choose. People's preferences are different and that you like green or purple, for example, does not mean that they will appeal to your tenants as well. For this, it is best to choose more universal and unobtrusive wall shades, such as champagne, ecru, or light gray. More courage can be applied in the upholstery of soft furniture, but it is good to be neutral - dark brown, dark blue, graphite or black sofa, is one of the most practical solutions - create contrast in the room while being easy to maintain.

"If you think the apartment will be too simple, you can bring colorful notes with decoration - curtains, vases, pillows, desk lamps and paintings will refresh the interior and can easily be picked up or replaced by the tenants if they do not "said Dimitrina Todorova, manager of the interior design firm.


Under no circumstances furnish the apartment you are renting with your grandmother's old furniture or the ones you have ejected from your own home. Although tenants, if they have a choice, everyone will choose the more modern interior. Furnishing is not necessarily luxury and expensive - many shops have profitable promotions and offers that allow up to $ 1,000, for example, to buy a new sofa, four chairs and a chest of drawers. The same applies to the bedroom, even with a mattress included.

"The dull furniture can always be refreshed with decorative pillows, chairs for chairs or interesting sheets and shawls. In case your home is small, choose the dual purpose furniture - a low and high table, a sofa - bedroom, and emphasize the light colors. It is important to make an appropriate selection of colors and patterns in the decor for each room. The bedroom, for example, must predispose to rest and relaxation, so the right shades are blue, pink, light purple and universal - champagne, peach, sandy beige. If the room is small, you can best stop the white, "Todorova adds.

Choosing a color in the nursery decor is much easier if you are guided by the gender of the child. In case we rented the apartment, we can not know it and it should be equally suitable for a boy and a girl. Holiday @ Home experts recommend the colors of the earth. The combination of warm brown, soothing beige and fresh green create a sense of coziness and touch with nature. Another option is the combination of light blue, yellow and white.

 "Another room to pay attention to is the living room. In most cases, it is a "three in one" combination - at the same time it is where we sit in the evening in front of the TV or with a book in hand; the dining room where we eat and the kitchen where we cook. Sometimes, in addition, there is a working cabinet. Appropriate color solutions in the decor are blue, green, orange, yellow and dark purple. Some of them create a sense of more light, and others - for sophistication and energy," says the specialist.

The bathroom

Sanitary rooms should not look dirty and damp. If you do not have the option of replacing the tiles, there is an alternative option - PVC panels, which are installed much easier and faster, and do not have so many joints. easier to maintain and replace. In addition, the old apartments meet the so-called "Outlets". This is unacceptable for a modern home.

Dimitrina Todorova also says: "Try to mask as much as possible all the pipes and hoses in the bathroom and the toilet. If possible, let's have a formwork, if not - relax your imagination and resort to decorations. Colorful bath mats or stylish soap and toothbrush holders will add to the good impression of future tenants. "

The kitchen

Kitchen cabinets, fridge, oven and oven, extractor hood and washing machine - these are absolutely essential elements of furnishing a rental apartment. If you have older cabinets, ask yourself how best to refresh them according to the material they were made of. Whether you will repaint, varnish, or fold over and replace the handles - in any case they will look better than before.

"The kitchen is also a place where interesting and useful decorative elements can be placed. Interesting spice jars, salt and pepper in the shape of puppies or stylish kitchen utensils - the variants are very different. But this room should not overdo the details in order not to create the reverse effect of too many shapes and colors, "added the expert.


You can not know whether your tenants will have children or not, whether they will keep clean or not. For this, it is best to stop flooring that is easy to clean and resistant. Do not overpass with carpets, because they collect a lot of dust, dander easily and are difficult to clean.