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Prices from: € 464 232 For investment

Luxury complex in the heart of the capital

Doktorska gradina, Sofia

Prices from: € 586 255 For investment

Eco complex in Boyana neighborhood

Boyana, Sofia

Prices from: € 861 840 For investment

Luxury building in the center of Sofia

Downtown, Sofia

Prices from: € 240 000 For investment

Emblematic multifunctional building

Lozenets, Sofia

Prices from: € 850 000 For investment

Elegant houses in a gated complex at the foot of Vitosha

Dragalevtsi, Sofia

Prices from: € 470 000 For investment

Modern properties for sale in a new complex

Dragalevtsi, Sofia

Prices from: € 338 990 For investment

Luxury residential building in Iztok neighborhood

Iztok, Sofia

Prices from: € 190 000 For investment

Modern gated complex with its own park

Pavlovo, Sofia

Prices from: € 249 000 For investment

Boutique building next to the Lozenets residence

Lozenets, Sofia

Prices from: € 98 641 For investment

Elegant residential building in Krastova Vada district

Krastova vada, Sofia

Prices from: € 199 000 For investment

Classicism and modernism combined in one

Vitosha, Sofia