Izgrev qtr, Newly built apartment for sale, Ref.ID 8143

Izgrev, Sofia
Price: € 288 000 without VAT

Spacious apartment for sale in a representative building next to the Russian Embassy

Completion Date: December 2017


Living area with kitchen and balcony, master bedroom with en-suite bathroom and balcony, 2 further bedrooms with full bathroom, laundry room, closet


  • prime location
  • perfect distribution
  • representative building
  • RefID 8143
  • Izgrev, Sofia
  • Apartment
  • Area: 144 sq.m
  • Floors: 6
  • 3 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms
  • Еxposure: South
  • Other
  • € 288 000 without VAT
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Senior Partner / Team Manager / Member of Management Board
Senior Partner / Team Manager / Member of Management Board
About Region


Izgrev quarter is one of the most prestigious quarters in city of Sofia. It is set in the south-eastern part of the capital. On east and north-east is located Iztok quarter. On south is Dianabad district. On the west and north is Borisova Garden Park - the biggest park in Bulgaria's capital.

Izgrev quarter is quiet and tranquil and comprises lots of green areas. Fresh air and convenient transportation are the amenities of the quarter.



The quarter is full of houses that make the atmosphere very pleasant. Part of the residential properties are twenty-storey high rise buildings. The brick buildings are not so common. The other side of the region is not so typical for the city - it is a mixture of administrative and residential buildings.


Administration and education

Many embassies and diplomatic missions are located on the territory of the quarter. The biggest are the Russian and German embassies. Interpred administrative building - the first biggest international business centre is set on Dragan Tsankov Blvd. There can be also found Technoexportstroy building, the trade representation of Russia and the Bulgarian-Russian trade industrial palace. Police station is on Elemag Str, Private language high school - Prof. Ivan Apostolov on 46 Rayko Aleksiev Str. The shops are few. Elemag big supermarket serves the area.



The public transportation for this area is as follows:


  • trams /TM/ - № 18
  • busses /A/ - № 413
  • route taxis - № 23 и 47
  • subway station


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