Boyana - brand new house for sale, Ref.ID K7237

Boyana, Sofia,
House, Unfurnished
Price: € 364 000 € 295 000 without VAT

Юник Естейтс представя на Вашето внимание прекрасна семейна къща за продажба с перфектен достъп, в ниската част на кв. "Бояна" . Имотът е изграден върху терен от 874 кв.м.и е с РЗП от 370 кв.м.


1-во ниво : просторна дневна на две нива с камина и излаз към двора в едно помещение с напълно оборудвана кухня, баня с тоалетна. На това ниво е възможно да бъде обособена четвърта спалня с баня.

2-ро полу-ниво: родителска спалня със собствена баня.

3-то полу-ниво: две спални, с една баня.

Сутерен - гараж, тоалетна, помещение за фитнес, складови и помещни помещения.


  • Nice view
  • Brand new, fully finished
  • Top location
  • Easy access
  • RefID K7237
  • Boyana, Sofia
  • House, Unfurnished
  • Area: 370 sq.m
  • Plot: 900 sq.m
  • 4 Bedrooms, 3 Bathrooms
  • Garage
  • € 364 000 € 295 000 without VAT
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About Region

Boyana is the most prestigious southern quarter of Sofia, a preferred location by foreigners and people of high social status.



It is an old Sofia quarter, initially a village, located at the foot of Vitosha Mountain, beyond the Ring Road, between Dragalevtsi and Knyazhevo quarters.



Among its indisputable advantages are clean air, good infrastructure combined with  park environment, excellent panorama and communications with the Sofia center. The buildings in "Boyana" are mainly new, luxurious single-family houses with excellently arranged yards. There are older houses in the center of the district, dating from the 70s and the 80s, but their appearance is quickly changing. In the framework of the new urban plan of the quarter, neat and small housing blocks and family houses with modern architecture are constructed.



Investors have had a strong interest in this part of Sofia for years. The prices have been going up permanently, defining the tendencies for the exceptionally high-quality and luxurious construction for richer clients.

The health service in the area is at 112 Al. Pushkin Str. Next to it is Tzanko Tzerkovski Primary School No. 52. There are many foreign language private schools in the area, like the Goethe German Language Primary School at 23 Kumata Str. The Boyana church, situated on the Belite Brezi Str, is a valuable architectural monument from Mediaeval times. The street also houses the National Historical Museum and the residence of the President of the Republic of Bulgaria. Boyana is the most luxurious Vitosha quarter.




Boyana has regular and convenient public transport -  busses 64, 63, 107, route taxis 10 and 21, and quick and easy car access along Bulgaria Blvd. from the city center.

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