A lovely house for sale in Kokaliane, Ref.ID K4195

Kokalyane, Sofia,
House, Furnished
Price: € 255 000

Unique Estates present to your attention a nice house with amazing yard and fast access – 15 min. from the Parliament House.
Lovely yard of 1060 sq.m., with drainage, professionally arranged greenery
Swimming pool, Jacuzzi, two gazebos located in different ends of the yard, BBQ
Fireplaces in the living rooms, floor heating
• Size - 270 sq.m. Built in 2002.
• Three living floors with the following layout:
• Basement –storage and service premises;
• First floor – spacious living area with fireplace, separate kitchen with dining, bathroom, storage, laundry room, big library – study with panoramic view to the green yard and the mountain.
• Second floor – three bedrooms, bathroom, separate toilet. Panoramic terraces to all bedrooms. One is with view to the lake, the other to the mountain.
Green yard with size of 1060 sq.m.
Garage and parking places in front of it.

• Excellent access and close proximity to public transport;
• Suitable for round the year living;
• Functional house, perfect for a family;
• South exposure and panoramic views;
• Excellent location and surrounded by new houses;
• Lovely flowers and fruit trees.

  • RefID K4195
  • Kokalyane, Sofia
  • House, Furnished
  • Area: 300 sq.m
  • Plot: 1066 sq.m
  • 3 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms
  • yes
  • € 255 000
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About Region

Kokalyane is a village in Pancharevo area of Stolichna Municipality, Sofia region


It is about 18 km south-east from the centre of Sofia city and about 2 km in the same direction from the centre of villige of Pancharevo.


Village of Kokalyane spreads along Iskar River, at the foot of Vitosha Mountain, at its lowest slopes. It is surrounded by mountainous hills from all sides and is set in a valley 700 m above sea level. The village is near Pancharevo Lake and Samokovsko shosse road.


The climate characterizes with cold winter, cool spring, warm summer and warm, long autumn.


The village comprises a town hall, a doctor, a pharmacy, a church, several food stores and several restaurants. River passes under the fountain next to the town-hall.


There are villa complexes in the village that are set in the in the mountain hills. Splendid panoramic view to the village and the capital. Some of the houses are inhabited round-the-year. Fresh air and various places for picnics and walks.




Kokalyane Monastery 'St Archangel Michael' is set in Plana Mountain, about 4 km south-east from village of Kokalyane and 6 km north-east from Villi, at the foot of Mage of Zheleznica nastirishte mountain top (1338 m). The monastery was burnt down twice. In the end of the XIXth century it was totally renovated. In 1969 it was declared Monument of culture.

The monastery is part of Mala Saint forest. It shapes the Urvich fortress complex together with Urvich fortres, Pancharevo Monastery 'St Nikola Letni' and the fortress church-monastery 'St Iliya'.


Local culture site is the church 'St George the Victorious'.


The mountain lovers may enjoy the eco-path starting from village of Kokalyane and ending in Villge Bistrica


Pancharevo Lake is the perfect place for recreation. It is 5 km long. Various water sports could be practiced here - rowing, surfing and water skiing. Rowing boats could be rented here. There are many routes, parks with cafes, restaurants and some mineral springs. The temperature of the water is 47 C. The fishermen may catch zander and carassius.




The village is served by one bus line - No 2.

Bus lines No 1 and No 4 go to Sofia city. Their last stops are next to 'Kokalyansko hanche' restaurant.


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