Amazing complex in the foot of Vitosha mountain, Ref.ID K3546

Vitosha, Sofia,
Apartment, Unfurnished
Price: € 124 000 without VAT

Unique Estates present an exceptional complex in the foot of Vitosha mountain, providing comfort and tranquility, not so typical for a European capital. This is a luxurious, gated complex of 6 buildings with underground parking places, arranged around 2 very old oaks and constructed with high quality materials. The complex provides to its residents and guests spacious fitness, sauna and other amenities, including the swimming pool, wide alleys (built from high quality stone) with LED lights, nice wooden pavilions for relaxation, pergolas, benches, chairs around the oaks, large decorative chess, children’s playground. The heating is organized with air conditions, high class "Daikin", which are provided at the expense of the investors.

Available apartments with different sizes and layouts.

In the price of the apartments are included the finishing works upon provided materials. The price varies between 1200 and 1500 EUR / sq.m. The parking places are included in the price. The fee for the maintenance of the complex is still not fixed, but will be in accordance with the size of the owned property.

  • RefID K3546
  • Vitosha, Sofia
  • Apartment, Unfurnished
  • Area: 123 sq.m
  • Floor: 3 / 4
  • 2 Bedrooms, 1 Bathrooms
  • Еxposure: East , South
  • Underground parking places, included in the price
  • € 124 000 without VAT (1005.92 € sq.m)
Senior Partner / Mentor / Member of Management Board
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Senior Partner / Mentor / Member of Management Board
About Region

itosha quarter is situated in the southern part of Sofia city at the foot of Vitosha Mountain.





Vitosha is located between the Ring Road on the south, Simeonovsko shosse Blvd on the east, the Metropolitan Zoo on the north and  Hladilnika quarter

on the west.




Years ago the area used to be a villa zone and this affects its contemporary infrastructure nowadays. The initial villa construction is from the period of the 60s. At the moment intensive construction works of four/five-storey buildings and single-family houses with modern architecture take place. The projects envisage the building of new gated-typed complexes that offer new standards of living fulfilling all European requirements. There is a great investment interest in this neighbourhood and the infrastructure is expected to be well-developed soon.


The residential buildings in this area comprise mainly large apartments. The neighbourhood distinguishes with fresh air and pleasant park areas. No panel and high-rise buildings.


Maxi - one of the first gated-typed complexes is located in the quarter as well. Maxi is an attractive place for living for families and young people who want to combine the modern way of life with the tranquillity. The mountain is not only a beautiful view from the window but also a place for tourism, ski sport and mountaineering.


Education, health care and administration


The nearest school to the neighbourhood is Private Primary School 'Dr Petar Beron' on 67 Cherni vrah Blvd and the nearest kindergarten is Kindergarten №16 'Fairy World' on 1 Atanas Manchev Str in Student's town.


Specialized hospital in midwifery and gynaecology 'St Lazar' is set on 4A Simeonovsko shosse Blvd, Fifth medical centre - Student's polyclinic at 8 Acad. Stefan Mladenov Str in Student's town.


There are several diplomatic representations - the Embassy of Kuwait, the Embassy of Republic of Indonesia, the Embassy of Syrian Arabic Republic, the Embassy of Afghanistan and the Embassy of Finland.



Vitosha is served by the following bus lines:

  • Busses - № 67 и 102
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