Pepa Petrova


  • Consultant with the highest number of deals - 2018
  • Most effective consultant for the fourth quarter of 2015


"I would like to express my satisfaction over all the services delivered from Unique Estates. 

In particular, Ms. Pepa Petrova, who was great while executing her job, with an outstanding professional performance and attitude. 

All along, she was very consistent and found the right tenant to rent my apartment in Iztok. 

Moreover, she was very effective while cooperating with me and the tenant until the signature of the agreement was executed. 

Furthermore, she is always present after the closing of the deal, by helping me in many details related to this deal, since I'm not Bulgarian and I live abroad outside Bulgaria.

I am very grateful to Unique Estates' services and notably very grateful to Ms. Pepa Petrova as well.

I have the honor to deal with you through your representative Ms. Petrova."

Mr. Walid Halabi

Education and Qualification

Education and qualifications

  • Master of Law from the New Bulgarian University, Sofia
  • Bachelor "Sociology" from New Bulgarian University, Sofia
  • Basic Program "Anthropology" at the New Bulgarian University, Sofia
  • Course "Real Estate Broker"

Internship and skills

  • Pepa Petrova has been working in the real estate sector since 2014. It reinforces the knowledge gained from its education with a wealth of experience in sales and advertising. He has experience as a salesman and manager in the field of direct sales and expansion of the customer base. It is part of the Unique Estates team since 2015.
  • She speaks excellent English
  • She has basic knowledge of French and Russian
  • Proven skills in attracting and maintaining long-term customer contacts
  • Delivering work and striving for development

Prizes and achievements

  • The most effective consultant for the fourth quarter of 2015