Reni Tzolovska
Senior Consultant


Finding your home is a very long journey. When a person decides to carry it out, he seeks the people who will advise and support him. And they will rejoice with him.

We know Reni with children. Again, we met, years ago, women already, who know what they have achieved and what they still want. At this point, I was about to change my place where I had lived for 17 years. I had many fears and great expectations. She opened my new home and took me to a meeting with him. There was no doubt that it was mine.

It is always valuable to have experience and competence with you. Knowing that someone you have trusted at such a crucial moment stands behind you and protects your interests absolutely professionally. He knows the problems, but he has no intention of getting you involved in them. He knows when to talk and when to remain silent. There is urban culture, style and upbringing.

My life has taught me to be very careful in the recommendations. In this case, I have no doubts.

Mira Lazarova

Education and Qualification

Education and qualifications

  • Master of Science in Water supply, sewerage and water purification from University of architecture, civil engineering and geodesy, Sofia

Professional experience and skills

  • The serious education and in-depth knowledge in the engineering field are a huge asset in her professional position now. Reni has worked in the sphere of real estate since 1997, 16 years of which she has been part of the team of one of the leading real estate agencies. Since October 2013 she is part of Unique Estates' team
  • Extremely persistent and honest in her commitment to the clients
  • Rich professional experience and understanding of the real estate market
  • Good communication skills

Awards and achievements

  • She receieves awards for highest results, incl. in two consecutive years award for Most successful Consultant
  • Customer Champion for 4th quarter of 2015


  • Reni has diverse interests and broad culture. Good movies, theatre and nice books are her favourite activities in the time, she spends for herself. She enjoys travelling and meeting with friends.