Excellent plot in Bistritsa full design project for a house, Ref.ID 7810

Bistritsa, Sofia
Plot, regulated
Price: € 160 000
Unique Estates offers for sale this excellent plot of 1000 square meters located in the best part of Bistritsa, affording beautiful panoramas kav Sofia and the mountain, with excellent year-round access. The price includes a comprehensive, cutting-edge design for modern design house created by izvestvo architectural studio. The project of the house is consistent with the particular place, perfectly fits in the environment with contemporary art forms and unconventional arhitektulrni dizynerski solutions and the combination of natural materials with modern technologies that make future house architectural masterpiece.


  • beautiful location with panoramic views in all directions.
  • excellent year-round access
  • exclusive design project for a modern house
  • RefID 7810
  • Bistritsa, Sofia
  • Plot, regulated
  • Area: 1000 sq.m
  • € 160 000
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About Region

Bistritsa is a village in the foothills of Vitosha mountain, situated 10 km south of downtown Sofia. Administratively belongs to the Pancharevo area of Sofia, Sofia-city district.

To Bistrica belong to nine villa zones / Bistrica, Bistrica - extension,  Monastery, Kosanin dol, Gerena, Malinova dolina - Part II B - extension, Malinova dolina - Part II B  - Dupkite, Shumako,Kalfin dol.

The settlement borders the ring road, Simeonovo, village Zheleznitsa, Pancharevo, Bistrishko Nature Park reserve.

The population is about 4100 people.



Clean mountain air, beautiful scenery, convenient transport, communications and close location to the capital make the village an extremely attractive place for living and recreation.

The area is designated as luxury residential area, designed for low-rise building in a natural environment.

Infrastructure is well maintained - there are water supply, elektropresna, communications networks, and partly - sewage.

In the village of Bistrica, because there were more holiday zones and because most of them live year round, there are more shops for food and industrial goods, cafes, pastry shops and more.

There are sports complex, which is very well maintained land and facilities. On his competition was held by local and regional level.

Operate 192 school "Hristo Botev" kindergarten № 15 "Cricket" Crèche, Community Center St. Tsar Boris I ".




    Bus № 69

    Bus № 70

    Bus № 98


Route lines


    Route line № 47, route - Zaharna factory - Dr. Mr. Pancharevo

    Route line № 25 in route - Bistrica - Metro 2

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