Unique apartment in an exclusive building in the city center, Ref.ID 7365

Lozenets, Sofia
Apartment, no furniture
Price: € 450 000
Unique Estates is pleased to present to you this exclusive multifunctional building in one of the most prestigious areas of Sofia. The most innovative achievements of world technology are implemented in the building. Its hiperboic, archlike form is achieved through natural stone ventilated facade and the "doble-skin" system, which contributes to the excellent acoustic and thermal insulation. During the summer there is a natural ventilation provided through atmospheric circulation, when the upper and lower ventilation grids are opened, while during the winter they are shut, which creates an insulating layer of air. The front facade is from transparent serigraphed glass. The contrast between the dense stone elements and the glass benefits for the grand appearance of the building. In the heart of the building there is a green atrium that lets natural sunlight in through the roof. Green areas are the main focus in this unique building, using cutting-edge vertical green walls and green roofs. The entrance to the building is from the street through a presentable ramp for cars and easy access to the underground garages. The building will have a presentable luxury lobby, lined with high-end granite and onyx. The owners can enjoy a multipurpose hall with a capacity of 200 seats as well as club "Havana", which will be available for owners if they wish to organize private events. The common areas are lined with high-quality granite and marble. The apartments will be fully finished and luxurious. There is a security guard - concierge and the access to the residence is limited and subject to non-stop control. Residential floors with a height of 3.40 meters. The doors are solid wood and with a height of 2.40 meters - a destinguishing touch of the most luxurious buildings. Each apartment is equipped with intelligent energy metering. Heating and air conditioning is used the most advanced air conditioning system of heat pumps that through coils provide optimal thermal comfort.


Entrance hall, kitchen and living room, two bedrooms, bathroom, toilet.


  • New luxury building
  • Innovative heating and air conditioning system
  • Access to gym, sauna, club, etc. in the building
  • RefID 7365
  • Lozenets, Sofia
  • Apartment, no furniture
  • Area: 139 sq.m
  • Floor: 3 / 6
  • 2 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms
  • Еxposure: East, West, South
  • Parking
  • € 450 000
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About Region

Lozenets housing estate is amongst the most demanded and preferred South quarters of Sofia. Its area is huge, and so is its variety of residential buildings. This turns it into a preferred place for investments.




To the northwest Lozenets borders the Evlogi Georgiev and Arsenalski Blvds., to the northeast - Dragan Tsankov Blvd., to the southeast - N. Vaptsarov and Peyo Yavorov Blvds., and to the west it stretches to Kozyak Str.


Today this part of Lozenets is already in the heart of Sofia, but to the south the quarter reaches all to way to the slopes of Vitosha Mountain, and to the west to one of the biggest Sofia parks - the South Park. The so-called "Old" or "Lower Lozenets" borders the National Palace of Culture and the Hilton Hotel. It is an interesting combination of an old town and modern architecture.




The old name of Lozents is "Korubaglar", which means "vineyards in the woods". The first name gives clear idea of the rich vegetation and deep forests which once surrounded Sofia.


There is the "Old Wall" situated in Lozenets - cultural monument, which has witnessed all changes in the city. Time has preserved this relic and now the everyday hustle and bustle swirls around it. Toady some people call it the "Roman Wall.


"Samokovski Bridge", under which Perlovska River runs leads outside the town.



Today Lozenets is an interesting combination of old and modern architecture. The natural characteristics of the quarter make it a most favorable place for living. The individual houses with lovely flowery yards have created the feeling of coziness and calmness. The buildings are small and neat viewing the centre and the slopes of Vitosha . This area is a favorite one of the construction contractors. However, the free places for new construction are limited. That's why most real estate offers are for old constructions. There are offers for new construction around the Spartak swimming pool, "Krasta" and "Vodnata Kula". There also prevail the middle-height edifices and the natural greenery.


leisure time and sport


At the heart of Lozents - at 2 Velchova Zavera Sq. - is the Sofia Sofia Ecclesiastical and its temple St. Joan of Rila. The other church in the quarter is Preobrazhenie Gospodne - at 2 Ralitza Str.


In the region of the Lozents quarter there are also situated the entertainment park Sofia Land, the Kempinski-Zografski Hotel, the place called "Krasta" ("the Cross"), the water tower, and the sports centre Spartak, which is a favorite place for festive occasions of the Sofia municipality.



The residents of the Lozents quarter could use the following public transportation: trams – 2, 9, 14; busses – 67, 88, 94, 102, 120.

The good location of Lozenets, the various commercial and public centers, as well as the high quality of the construction works, make this region a preferred place for living.

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