Office for rent in the Centre, Ref.ID N14740

Downtown, Sofia
Office, no furniture
Rent: Upon request

Unique Estates предлага на Вашето внимание офис под наем в разпознааемата сграда "Царевец"- паметник на кубтурата на пл. Орлов мост. Локацията предоставя всички предимства на идеален център! Офисът е разположен на първи етаж над партер. Фасадата и местоположението са изключително представителни.

Разпределение: състои от три работни помещения, санитарен възел, кухненска част и две тераси.


  • Топ локация;
  • Перфектно реновирана сграда;
  • RefID N14740
  • Downtown, Sofia
  • Office, no furniture
  • State: Excellent
  • Area: 160 sq.m
  • Floors: 5
  • 4 Rooms, 1 Bathrooms
  • Parking
  • Upon request
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Senior Consultant / Team Manager / Member of Management Board
Senior Consultant / Team Manager / Member of Management Board
About Region


In the downtown there are the buildings of the National Assembly, the Presidency, the Council of Ministers, all ministries and highest court institutions- The Supreme Cassation Court, the Supreme Administrative Court, the Supreme Court Council, Central Prosecutors Bureau, etc. Here are also some other national institutions (Constitutional Court, Central Road Management Office, etc.), several economic institutions (Bulgarian Economy Chamber), as well as institutions primarily engaged in the accomplishment of the reforms in the country (Privatization Agency, Mass Privatization Agency, Foreign Investment Agency, etc.).



The centre is situated between the "Maria Luiza", "Evlogi Georgiev", "Ivan Geshov", and "Skobelev" blvds. and "Opalchenska" str.



The story of the capital's development is very interesting and dates back as early as the 80s of the 19ht c when Sofia began turning into a Middle-European city following the models of European cities consistent with Bulgarian specifics.
The architecture changed with the acquisition of European style, taste and fashion. The public and residential architecture during the first twenty years after the Liberation of Bulgaria from Turkish domination was almost completely created by foreigners- architects, constructors and designers, who came to Bulgaria for a specified term and with specific tasks. Most of them were from Austro-Hungary, but there were also Germans, Armenians, Polish, and Italians.
The construction possibilities in the center are limited. Most of the residential buildings are in the Medical Acdemy region between "Skobelev", "P. Slaveykov", "Praga" and "Ivan Geshev" blvds. and in the "Oborishte" region between the "V. Levski", "Dondukov", "Yanko Sakazov" blvds. and "Oborishte" str.

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